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edg-brokerinfo Submission Information

When a job is submitted to the grid for execution, job information is stored in file .Brokerinfo provided that the CE is selected by the Resource Broker. If you use the --resource option of dg-job-submit, the job is submitted to the selected CE bypassing the match making process and file .Brokerinfo is not created.

If you need information registered in the .Brokerinfo file and at the same time you also need a well defined CE, you must use the RunTimeEnvironment parameter in the JDL file.
You need information from the .Brokerinfo file when your job must save the output files to the close SE of the CE where the job was submitted, in such case insert in your executing scripts, the following lines:

CLOSE_SE=`edg-brokerinfo getCloseSEs | cut -d " " -f 1`
MOUNT_POINT=`edg-brokerinfo getSEMountPoint $CLOSE_SE`
then in the edg-replica-manager-copyAndRegisterFile command specify the destination parameter as:
-d $CLOSE_SE/$MOUNT_POINT/mydir/myfile
Check Section 9 for a detailed example.

luvisetto 2003-07-25