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Finding Resources

As first step to verify your access to the Grid, use dg-job-list-match to verify that there is some CE where you are allowed to run your job with the required resources. It is a good practice to store the CE list on file:
$ dg-job-list-match -o CE.list -c ~/CNAF.cfg argexe.jdl
If the output file already exists, dg-job-list-match asks for confirm to overwrite it:

**** Warning: UI_FILE_EXISTS ****
"/home/marisa/Jdl/CE.list" file already exists.
Do you wish to overwrite? [y/n]n :n
If you answer n, the job exits. If you answer y, the job starts searching for resources, and writes log information of the following type:
Connecting to host, port 7771
                         COMPUTING ELEMENT IDs LIST
 The following CE(s) matching your job requirements have been found:
**** Warning: RB_MATCHMAKING_INFO ****
matchmaking process reported:
 - Unable to contact LDAP server
 - .......................
 - Unable to contact LDAP server
======================= dg-job-list-match success =========================
 Computing Element(s) matching your job requirements have been found.
 CEIds have been stored in the file:
If dg-job-list-match fails, check with the grid support the correct registration of your certification at the ldap server.

N.B. Do not use the dg-job-list-match output file to force CE selection in dg-job-submit if your job needs information from the .BrokerInfo file.

luvisetto 2003-07-25