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Access is granted by the activation of your certificate (time limited) either when you execute a grid operation or using the proxy utilities:

/opt/globus/bin/grid-proxy-destroy destroy current certificate activation
/opt/globus/bin/grid-proxy-info -all print certificate activation status
/opt/globus/bin/grid-proxy-init activate certificate

To set the duration of the certificate use /opt/globus/bin/grid-proxy-init with the -hours H option, where H represents the no. of hours from now before the certificate expires. Default is 12 hours.
The following example shows the usage of the proxy commands and the related log information. Note that grid-proxy-info displays an error message when the certificate is expired.

$ grid-proxy-info -all
ERROR: unable to determine proxy file name
$ grid-proxy-init
Your identity: /C=IT/O=vo/OU=Personal Certificate/L=site/CN=M L/Email=M.L@site
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy .............................................................. Done
Your proxy is valid until Wed Mar 19 21:03:57 2003
$ grid-proxy-info -all
subject  : /C=IT/O=vo/OU=Personal Certificate/L=site/CN=M L/Email=M.L@site/CN=proxy
issuer   : /C=IT/O=vo/OU=Personal Certificate/L=site/CN=M L/Email=M.L@site
type     : full
strength : 512 bits
timeleft : 11:59:55
The temporary proxy is created in the /tmp directory. In sites with clustered workstations and home directories on a shared file system, the proxy file is reached by the user environment variable X509_USER_PROXY:
export X509_USER_PROXY=~/.globus/proxy

luvisetto 2003-07-25