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Replicating Files

Files are replicated at user selected SEs with the replicateFile command, that expetcts as input a GUID, LFN or a SURL. The item is prefixed by guid:, lfn:, srm: as appropriate.
The following example uses the GUID returned by a list command performed on the LFN.

replicateFile by GUID
Guid=`edg-rm -i --vo=alice listGUID lfn:JJ-v01-Code.rm`
edg-rm -v --vo=alice replicateFile \
$Guid \

Note that the guid: prefix is included in the listGUID output and must be omitted in the replicateFile command. If present, the replica fails with the following error message:

$\rightarrow$ The LFN/GUID guid:guid:56c3e03d-1f58-11d8-ab78-d38fa2b63747
$\rightarrow$ is not registered in the catalog.

The command log is:

edg-replica-manager starting..
Issuing command : replicateFile
Destination is a host : //
Call replica manager replicatefile function
Filesize to copy (MB) = 1.2874603E-4
copy : From     : gsi
copy : To       : gsi
copy : Protocol : gsiftp
copy : # streams: 1
Transfer took: 2153 ms.
Copy successful to : File name = gsi
File size       = 135
File Owner      = -
Associated SE:
Replication successful.

luvisetto 2003-12-17