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Cannot retrieve output (UI_DIR_NOT_FOUND)

If the UI /tmp directory is corrupted and the file /tmp/jobOutput is missing, edg-job-get-output fails withe the following error message:

$ edg-job-get-output -i JID

**** Error: UI_DIR_NOT_FOUND ****
Unable to find the directory "/tmp/jobOutput"
Check the "OutputStorage"  value specified in:
In this case inform the site manager that must check the installation and create the /tmp/jobOutput directory to allow error recovery. To recover the error, the user can specify another directory for output retrival:

$ edg-job-get-output --dir myout/ -i JID
Retrieving files from host
                        JOB GET OUTPUT OUTCOME
 Output sandbox files for the job:
 have been successfully retrieved and stored in the directory:

luvisetto 2003-12-17