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edg-job-list-match Failure

If edg-job-list-match does not match any CE and prints the following message:
$ edg-job-list-match job.jdl

Connecting to host, port 7772
===================== edg-job-list-match failure ======================
 No Computing Element matching your job requirements has been found!
 Try again modifying your job description file.

but you are able to submit the job that works correctly, the problem is due to some unsupported or not properly handled JDL attribute that you have specified in the requirement list as, for example, the attribute:
MaxMemory = other.GlueHostMainMemoryRAMSize>400;
If the WNs do not publish correctly the available memory and the published value is less that the one you request, edg-job-list-match fails as shown above.

luvisetto 2003-12-17