Project leader: M. Basile

The TOF detector in ALICE is dedicated to charged particle identification over a very large part of the phase space.
The basic physics goals of the ALICE experiment demand a Time of Flight detector with outstanding characteristics:

  • the TOF rapidity acceptance has to be large enough to cover the full central acceptance of ALICE, in order to allow a significant study of the observables of interest on a Event-by-Event basis. This implies that a large number of hadrons of average momenta ~1 GeV should be detected.
    More precisely, the TOF detector should cover the hadron momentum range from about 0.5 GeV/c (upper limit for dE/dx measurements in both the ITS and TPC detectors for kaon/pion separation) to about 2.5 GeV/c (statistics limit in single events).
  • the TOF intrinsic time resolution must be well below 100 ps; an 'overall' time resolution of 120 ps, including all other sources of timing errors, would guarantee a 3 sigma separation up to 1.9 GeV/c for kaon/pion and up to 3.2 GeV/c for proton/kaon.