The Monte Carlo simulation studies are performed using AliROOT which is the ALICE off-line code implemented in the ROOT framework for event simulation, reconstruction and analysis.

  • AliROOT icludes the well-known GEANT3.21 detector description and tracking package in a user-friendly environment handled by C++.
  • The AliROOT framework is interfaced with several external event generators (JETSET, PYTHIA, HIJING, SHAKER out of the internal AliROOT generators) thus providing a complete set of instruments to simulate ion-ion collisions.
The following figure is an example ('overall' time resolution : 120 ps) of the TOF particle identification capability (PID). It shows the reconstructed mass in the momentum range [0.5, 2.5] GeV/c for 50 HIJING Pb-Pb events at B = 0.4 T. The coloured-line histograms show the individual mass distributions of the true pions, kaons, protons.