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Group V


   Research Project  

  National Scientific Committee V  


The activity in technological research is used as a precursor and incubator for new projects devoted to INFN's experiments: the researchers group develops materials, apparatuses, new or improved procedures or, more generally, cutting-edge technologies for experiments in nuclear, sub-nuclear and astro-particle physics.
The extreme performances required by new experiments give rise to new techniques for particle acceleration and detection and for advanced computation tools.
These results have found broad applications in other fields of science, as well as technology, informatics, health, defense, cultural heritage and environment preservation.
The activity in technological research develops in four main items:

  • Particle detectors
  • Particle accelerators
  • Electronics and software development
  • Interdisciplinary applications of INFN cutting-edge techniques.


Dott. Alessandro Montanari
V. le Carlo Berti Pichat 6/2,  I-40127
  Tel.  +39 051 2095238
  E-mail: montanari<at>
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