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Group II


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  National Scientific Committee II  


The group is active in the main lines of experimental astroparticle and neutrino physics researches, namely:
LVD: (at LNGS):Detection of low energy neutrino bursts from SN explosions and high energy cosmic rays studies.
AMS2: (aboard the ISS): Search for antimatter in space.
OPERA: (at the LNGS): Appearance search for nu-mu -> nu-tau oscillation in the CNGS neutrino beam from CERN.
ANTARES: High energy neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean sea.
KM3NeT : Research infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea dedicated to high-energy neutrino astronomy (ARCA), neutrino properties study (ORCA) and marine sciences.
GGG: Equivalence Principle Test.
EEE: (proposal): Studies of UHE Cosmic Ray Atmospheric Showers with MRPC detectors in high schools.
XENON:Direct search for dark matter with a liquid/gas Xenon TPC.
CUORE: Search for rare processes like neutrinoless double beta decay in Te-130.


Prof. Maurizio Spurio
  V.le  B. Pichat 6/2, I-40127
  Tel.  +39 051 2095248 - Fax  +39 051 209 5269


E-mail spurio<at>
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