Exhibition for the Italian Institutes of Culture abroad

The Legacy of Galvani and Volta in contemporary science

Panels of the Exhibition

  1. Historical aspects connected with Galvani
    A1. Luigi Galvani
    A2. Galvani physician, anatomist and obstetrician
    A3. Animal electricity
    A4. Galvani's frogs: original tables from the De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari. Commentarius
  2. Historical aspects connected with Volta
    B1. Alessandro Volta
    B2. Volta physicist and "pneumatic" chemist
    B3. Volta "electrifying physicist"
    B4. Volta's pile
  3. The Galvani-Volta controversy
    C1. Galvani and Volta: the controversy (I)
    C2. Galvani and Volta: the controversy (II)
    C3. Galvani andVolta: the controversy (III)
  4. Modern biological aspects
    D1. The brain: the electrical signal
    D2. The brain: the transduction of the electric signal into chemical signal and vice-versa
    D3. Nerves and muscles
    D4. The muscle: the molecular structure and the electromechanical coupling
    D5. Positron emission tomography (PET)
    D6. Hadrontherapy
    D7. Computed tomography
  5. Modern physics aspects
    E1. Modern piles
    E2. Cosmic rays and particle astrophysics
    E3. Neutrinos from the stars
    E4. Neutrino oscillations. Atmospheric neutrinos
    E5. Scientific use of space
    E6. Electroweak unification
    E7. Open problems in the unification of the forces
    E8. Electromagnetic waves. Radio communications
    E9. High energy accelerators
    E10. Internet and World Wide Web: Sheeps and Particles
  6. Historical instruments connected with Galvani and Volta
    F1. Copy of the electrostatic machine of Galvani
    F2. Copy of the "pila a colonna" of Volta
    F3. Various books
  7. Technical terms containing Galvani and Volta names
  8. Popularized Scientific material from CERN, INFN, University of Bologna and of Pavia, Committees for the Galvani and Volta Celebrations, Sapere

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