HERA-B Bologna Computing System

HERA-B Bologna

HERA-B Bologna

Computing System

HERA-B Bologna Computing System is based on superscalar RISC machines and UNIX Operating System.

It now consists of:

  1. A new HP 9000/800/K250 Symmetric Multiprocessing ( SMP) server, equipped with:
  2. 2 HP workstation (model HP 9000/735/99 and HP 9000/712/60).
  3. 13 X-terminal (5 HP Entria, 6 HP Entria Plus and 2 HP Entria II).

The computing system follow a centralyzed (rather than distributed) client-server scheme, where the server is the K250 central SMP computer and the clients are simple X-terminals.

The same philosophy was chosen by HERA-B collaboration, who bought a SMP SGI Power Challenge computer as central collaboration computer.

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June 9, 1997 Domenico Galli