Istituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e del Clima,
Sezione di Lecce,
Strada Provinciale Lecce-Monteroni Km 1.200,
73100 Lecce

Tel/fax: 0832-320-715/716


Degree in Physics, University of Bologna, June 1997
Title: "Analysis of diffusive systems by means of Non-Markovian stochastic processes"
Supervisors: Prof. F. Mainardi (University of Bologna) and Dr. F. Tampieri (CNR - Bologna)

PhD in Technical Physics, University of Bologna, April 2002
Title "Numerical analysis of viscous dissipation and turbulence effects on the convective thermal exchange in finned tubes"
Supervisor: Prof. S. Salvigni

Present position: Researcher at ISAC-CNR, Sezione di Lecce from 2001

Dynamics of Solid Particles in Turbulent Flows

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