The opening of IPRD10, A. Sharma, P.S. Marrocchesi, F.-L. Navarria (photo, courtesy of R. De Asmundis).

IPRD10 participants in Piazza del Campo, waiting for the conference dinner (photo, courtesy of R. De Asmundis).

The ceiling of the IPRD04 conference room (photo, courtesy of A. Bassi).

A typical discussion between a medical physicist (P.G.S. Cirrone), an astroparticle physicist (P.S. Marrocchesi) and an high-energy physicist (F.-L. Navarria) over a delicious lunch break provided by the staff of the Certosa di Pontignano, University of Siena (photo, courtesy of A. Bassi).

A discussion over a cofee break at IPRD04 between Marco Paganoni/Milano-Bicocca, Bernard Peyaud/Saclay and Massimo Lenti/Florence (photo, courtesy of A. Bassi).

More photographs this year, yet to be taken.