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List of invited and contributed papers (IPRD06)

Siena 2006 programme (IPRD06) with links to all presentations and some posters:

Sunday    1   14h00-19h00 opening session, conference IPRD06
Sunday    1   19h00 Welcome party 
Monday    2   8h30-12h40 and 14h30-18h50 conference IPRD06
Tuesday   3   8h30-12h50 and 14h50-18h50 conference IPRD06
Tuesday   3   20h00 Conference dinner
Wednesday 4   8h30-12h50 and 14h30-19h15 conference IPRD06
Thursday  5   8h30-13h00 closing session, conference IPRD06
Thursday 5 14h30-18h30 GEANT4 tutorial workshop Friday 6 9h-13h GEANT4 tutorial workshop