of the 

                          9th Topical Seminar on
                 Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors 
                          Siena,  23-26 May 2004

                           published by Elsevier
                 Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) vol. 150 (2006)

Sunday 23 May

O1 Opening session (chairperson: C. Kourkoumelis)

  E. Previtali/Milan, 20 years of cryogenic particle detectors: past,
present and future
  L. Lista/Naples, Advanced software methods for physics analysis   
  S. Guatelli, M.G. Pia and M. Piergentili/CERN/Genoa/IST,Technology transfer 
from HEP computing to the medical field: overview and application to dosimetry

O2 Astroparticle (chairperson: G. Piano Mortari)

  P. Giommi/ASI, Swift: a Multi-frequency, Rapid Response Space Observatory
  J.P. Vialle/LAPP, AMS: a cosmic ray observatory
  T. Siedenburg/Aachen, AMS-TRD - a gas detector designed for operation 
in space
  C. Labanti et al./CNR-INAF, The Mini-Calorimeter detector for the 
AGILE mission  
  P. Spillantini, S. Bottai and P. Mazzinghi/Florence, Ultra High Energy 
neutrinos detected from the orbit: possibilities, limits and technical problems

Monday 24 May

P1 Computing (chairperson: A. Tonazzo)

  K. Amako, L. Pandola et al., GEANT4 and its validation
  S. Donadio et al./Genova/CERN/IST, A statistical toolkit for data analysis
  G.A.P. Cirrone et al./LNS, The GEANT4 toolkit capability in the hadron-therapy field: 
simulation of a transport beam line
  F. Loparco, M.N. Mazziotta et al./Bari, A full Monte Carlo simulation code 
for silicon strip detectors

  L. Baldini, N. Omodei et al./Pisa, The GLAST LAT High Energy Gamma-Ray Telescope Full Simulation
  M. Brigida et al./Bari, GLAST LAT tracker signal simulation and trigger timing study

P2 Electronics, Trigger and DAQ (chairperson: C. Cuevas)

  R. Pegna et al./Siena/Pisa/PSI, The DRS VME board: a low power digitizing system in the
GHz range
  S. Eisenhardt/Edinburgh, Performance of 8-stage and 12-stage Multianode 
  L. Bertalot et al./ENEA, Fast digitizing techniques applied to scintillation
  K.K. Gan et al./Ohio State/Siegen, Radiation-hard ASICs for Optical Data Transmission
in the ATLAS PixelDetector

P3 Calorimetry (chairperson: G. Piano Mortari)

  S. Gascon/Lyon, Status of the CMS PbWO4 Electromagnetic Calorimeter
  A. Ghezzi/Milan, Testbeam results of the CMS electromagnetic
  G. Sauvage/LAPP, The ATLAS Liquid Argon Electromagnetic Calorimeter:
construction, commissioning and selected test results
  T. Barillari/Munich, The ATLAS Liquid Argon Hadronic Calorimeter:
construction and selected test beam results
  A. Dotti, A. Lupi and C. Roda/Pisa, Results from ATLAS Tile Calorimeter : a comparison 
between data and G4 simulation
  V.V. Abramov, V. Kryshkin et al./IHEP, Production and quality control of the CMS 
End Cap Hadron Calorimeter optical elements

P4 Tracking and PID

  M. Agari, J. Blouw et al./Heidelberg, The LHCb Silicon Tracker
  A. Affolder/Santa Barbara, The CMS Silicon Strip Tracker: Design and
Current Status
   N. Defilippis/Bari, CMS tracker reconstruction performances
   Z. Dolezal/Prague, The ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker: status of
construction and system integration
   A. Baroncelli, A. Tonazzo/Rome3, Performance of tracking chambers for the ATLAS muon
  J. Bensinger/Brandeis, Alignment of precision muon chambers in the ATLAS

O3 Innovative detectors (chairperson: C. Kourkoumelis)

  R. Angelucci, M. Cuffiani et al./Bologna, A novel position detector based on
nanotechnologies: the NanoChant project

  N. Otte et al./MPIMunich/Moscow,  Evaluation of Si-PMT for the photon 
detectors in EUSO, MAGIC
  A. Castoldi et al./Polimi/BNL/MPIMunich, Microsecond-scale X-ray Imaging with 
Controlled-Drift Detectors
  S. Blatt, S. Lotze et al./Aachen-DESY,  Charge Transfer of GEM Structures in High 
Magnetic Fields

O4 Radiation damage, ageing and monitoring (chairperson: K.K. Gan)

  M. Alfonsi et al./LNF, Aging measurements of triple-GEM detectors
operated with CF4-based gas mixtures
  M. Bruinsma/SLAC, CVD diamonds in the BaBar radiation monitoring and
protection system 
  C. Adorisio, C. Cernoch, M. Cirilli, A. Di Girolamo et al., Recent and ongoing Ageing studies
for the ATLAS muon spectrometer Drift Tubes 
  A. Ruzin/Tel Aviv, Simulation and AFM characterization of double junction 
effect in irradiated silicon PIN devices 

Tuesday 25 May

O5  Astroparticle (chairperson: N. Produit)

  J.-P. Schuller/Roma1, ANTARES Status report 
  M. Kleifges/Karlsruhe, Status of the Southern Auger Observatory
  V. Verzi/Roma2, AIRFLY: Measurement of the Air Fluorescence induced by

  M. Marisaldi et al./CNR-INAF/Polimi/NSensor, Silicon drift detectors coupled 
to CsI(Tl) scintillators for spaceborne gamma-ray detectors

O6 Innovative detectors (chairperson: A. Seiden)

  A. Perdochova/Bratislava, Investigation of etched trenches in technology of LEC semi-insulating 
GaAs monolithic linear detector array
  H. van der Graaf/NIKHEF,  An integrated readout system for 
drift chambers: the application of monolithic CMOS pixel sensors as segmented 
direct anode
  C. Casella/Geneve, FAST, a precision measurement (1 ppm) of the muon 
  I. Giomataris/Saclay, NOSTOS experiment and new trends in rare event detection   
  P. Gorla/LNGS, Cuoricino and CUORE detectors: developing big arrays 
of large mass bolometers for rare events physics

P5 Tracking and PID (chairperson: J. Bensinger)

  M. Demarteau/FNAL, A silicon detector system on a carbon fiber support 
structure at small radius
  S. Borghi/Geneve, The HARP TPC 
  F. Amorini et al./LNS/Catania/ST-Microelectronics, Performances and 
perspectives of silicon detector telescopes
  M. Floris/Cagliari, The NA60 Experiment Silicon Vertex Detector
  S. Raino` et al./Bari, Thermal performance of the GLAST LAT Tracker 
  T. Wright/Electron-Tubes, Fast timing with slow scintillators

P6 Calorimetry (chairperson: G. Sauvage)

  S. Lami/Pisa, A Scintillating Tile/Fiber Preshower Detector for the CDF
Central Calorimeter 
  V. Korbel/DESY, A Scintillator Tile Hadron Calorimeter for the e+e- Linear 
Collider Detector
  V. Rusinov/ITEP, The Scintillator Tile hadronic Calorimeter prototype, R&D studies 
and construction plans
  B. Giacobbe/Bologna, The HERA-B electromagnetic calorimeter 
  V.A. Batarin, P. Semenov et al./IHEP/FNAL, The Electromagnetic Calorimeter 
of the BTeV Experiment
  M. Hashemi/IPM/CERN, Hadron energy measurement with a highly non
compensating quartz fiber calorimeter
  H.S. Ahn et al., Performance of CREAM Calorimeter: Results of
Beam Tests

P7 Tracking and PID (chairperson: A. Tonazzo)

  L. Amati, C. Sbarra et al./Bologna  The TOF counters of th AMS-02 experiment: space 
qualification tests and beam test results
  T. Bellunato et al./Milan, Aerogel as Cherenkov Radiator
  G. Aglieri Rinella, T. Gys, D.Piedigrossi, A. Van Lysebetten/CERN/Palermo, Performance of the HPD 
  M. Abbrescia, D. Piccolo et al., Quality control and tests of the Barrel RPC chambers 
for the CMS experiment

P8 Electronics, Trigger, DAQ (chairperson: C. Cuevas)

  P. Govoni/Milan, Electrons and Photons High Level Trigger in CMS  
  D. Giordano/Bari, CMS High Level Trigger Selection
  S.-Y. Zinn et al./Maryland/Siena/Pennsylvaniaetal., Design, Implementation, and Performance of CREAM 
Data Acquisition Software  

O7 Medical applications (chairperson: B. Peyaud)

  A. Bulgheroni et al./Como/FAO/Strasbourgetal., Silicon Ultra fast Cameras for electron and gamma sources 
in Medical Applications progress report
  E. Cicalini et al./Pisa/Bologna,A high resolution CT scanner for small animal imaging

Wednesday 26 May

O8 Medical applications (chairperson: A. Maggiora)

  S. Tudisco et al./LNS,  SINPHOS a SINgle PHOton Spectrometer for biomedical application
  R. Bruere Dawson, J. Maillard et al./CNRS/IN2P3etal.,  Study of a Coincidence Detector Using 
a Suspension of Superheated Superconducting Grains in a High Density Dielectric Matrix for PET 
and gamma-gamma Tagging
  A. Boriano, C. Peroni et al./Torino/TERA/LNSetal., Preliminary results with a strip ionization chamber 
used as beam monitor for hadrontherapy treatments 
  G.A.P. Cirrone, V. Mongelli et al./LNS-Catania, Dosimetric and physics characterisation of CVD
diamonds irradiated with photon, electron and proton beams

O9 Innovative techniques (chairperson: S. Ragazzi)

  M. Potenza et al./Milan, A novel particle sizing technique based 
on near field scattering
  S. Bellucci et al./LNF/IHEP/St.Petersburg/Ferrara, Testing the X-rays production from crystal
undulators at positron facilities

O10 Astroparticle (chairperson: R. Battiston)

  S. Torii et al./Kanagawa, CALET for High Energy Electron and Gamma-Ray Measurements on ISS
  M. Marisaldi et al./CNR-INAF, Cosmic rays tracks in the PICsIT detector onboard 
the INTEGRAL satellite
  N. Produit/Geneve, Flight experience and performances of the detectors on board 
the INTEGRAL spacecraft
  L. Baldini et al./Pisa/CNR-Roma, A gas pixel detector for X-ray polarimetry

O11 Beam Facilities (chairperson: E. Longo)

  P. Valente et al./Roma1-LNF-Roma2, The DAFNE Beam Test Facility (BTF)

O12 Closing Session (chairperson: B. Peyaud)

  E. Longo/Roma1, Crystals for calorimetry and other applications
  G. Fiorillo/Napoli, LAr technologies for neutrino and astroparticle detectors 
  G. Santin/ESA,  Space environment and effects analysis for ESA missions
  E. Leonardi/Rome1,  LHC Grid computing


  O. Al-Horayess and K. Aleissa/Riyadh, A study on the performance of a Xe+20%Ar proportional 
counter at 2 atm pressure
  S. Torii, M.G. Bagliesi et al./Kanagawa/Pisa, Development of front-end electronics with large 
dynamic range for space applications 
  M. Deptuch et al./Kracow, Selected problems in aging effects with gas proportional 
  M. Deptuch et al./Kracow, Change in detector properties caused by electronegative 
  Tu Ly Ahn et al./Bratislava, Radiation resistance study of semi-insulating 
GaAs-based Radiation Detectors to extremely high gamma doses
  P.S. Marrocchesi/Siena, Cosmic ray measurement in the knee region: new perspectives 
for simultaneous air-borne and ground-based observations

  A. Antoccia, F.L. Navarria et al., Preliminary study of metabolic radiotherapy with 188Re 
via small animal imaging

  N. Otte et al./MPIMunich/Moscow, The SiPM - A new Photon Detector for PET
  M. Tardocchi et al./Milan/RomeII/ISIS, Development of instrumentation for epithermal neutron scattering 
at very low angles
  P. G. Banks, T. Wright/Electron-Tubes,  A multichannel HV supply, control and monitoring 
system for photomultipliers