Proceedings of the

10th Topical Seminar
Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors (IPRD06)
Siena, 1-5 October 2006

published by Elsevier
Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) vol. 172 (2007) pp. 1-340

Sunday 1 October

S1 Opening Session (chairperson: J. Timmermans) 25 D. Lazic/Boston, The CMS Magnet Test and Cosmic Challenge (MTCC) Operational Experience and Lessons Learnt 20 S. Braccini/TERA, Progress with hadrotherapy 20 M. Walter/DESY, Design and initial performance of the IceCube detector S2 New developments (chairperson: F. Pierre) 15 G. Pellegrini/Valencia, Ultra radiation hard silicon detectors for future experiments: 3D and p-type technologies 20 N. Neri/Pisa, Recent development in monolithic pixel detectors 15 Franco Grancagnolo/Lecce, The ultimate resolution drift chamber

Monday 2 October

S3 Astroparticles and neutrinos (chairperson: F. Terranova) 15 C. Zurbach/Montpellier, Use of a spatial GPS receiver in the AMS-02 experiment 15 L. Arruda/Lisbon, The Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector of the AMS experiment: test beam results with a prototype 20 M. Naumann-Godo/Erlangen, Current status of the ANTARES neutrino telescope 20 A. Tonazzo/Paris, DOUBLE CHOOZ: TOWARDS A NEW ERA FOR NEUTRINO OSCILLATION MEASUREMENT 15 M. Di Marco/Kingston, LArGe: background suppression with LAr scintillation for 0nu2beta decay with Ge detectors S4 Simulations and new computing methods (chairperson: A. Sopczak) 20 A. Rimoldi/Pavia, The Atlas Detector Simulation application 20 D. Bonacorsi/Bologna, The CMS computing model 15 G. Donvito/Bari, Deployment and Testing of Storage Management software S5 Innovative detectors (chairperson: G. Lehmann) 20 M. Ambrosio/Napoli, Use of carbon nanotubes as radiation detectors 15 T. Bellunato/Milan, Progress on Resistive Plate Chambers with Mechanical Quenching S6 Tracking and Particle Identification (chairperson: J. Troconiz) 15 S. Gonzalez-Sevilla/Valencia, ATLAS Semiconductor Tracker Performance at the 2004 Combined Test Beam 15 H. Fox/Freiburg, The ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker: Status and Test Performance 20 A. Korn/LBNL, Overview and Status of ATLAS Pixel Detector 15 R. Brauer/Aachen, Performance of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker during Integration 20 G. Cerminara/Torino, The Drift Tubes system of the CMS experiment 15 C. Schill/Freiburg, Fast photon detection for the COMPASS RICH detector

Tuesday 3 October

S7 Medical and environmental applications (chairperson: A. Perrotta) 20 P. Cirrone/LNS, From the ionization chamber to the on-line microstrip devices: the status of the art of detectors in proton therapy under the experience gained at the CATANA facility 15 A. Mozzanica/Brescia, Real time spectrometer for thermal neutrons from radiotherapic accelerators 15 E. Cisbani/ISS Roma, Gamma detectors for molecular imaging with radionuclides: design and applications 20 S. Manzoor/Bologna Nuclear Track Detectors for environmental studies and radiation monitoring 15 P. Solevi/Milano-Bicocca, Simulation for on-beam PET 15 G. Santin/ESA, GATE: a simulation toolkit for PET and SPECT S8 Calorimetry (chairperson: F.-L. Navarria) 15 Philippe Schwemling/Paris, The ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter: Construction, Integration, Commissioning 15 Stathes Paganis/Sheffield, Recent Results of the Liquid Argon Calorimeter Performance in the ATLAS Combined Testbeam 15 Luis Flores Castillo/Wisconsin, Electron/Photon Reconstruction Performance with the ATLAS detector 15 N. Pastrone/Torino, The status of CMS ECAL construction 20 Y. Sirois/Ecole Polytechnique, Testbeam results on CMS ECAL calibration and performance 15 Lisa J. Berntzon/Texas Tech. Univ., Test beam results, CMS combined ECAL, HCAL testbeam 15 R. Cavanaugh/Florida, Reconstructing Jets and Missing Transverse Energy using the CMS Detector S9 Computing (chairperson: M. Paganoni) 15 C. Amelung/CERN, ARAMyS - Alignment Reconstruction Software for the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer 15 W. Liebig/NIKHEF, Preparation of the ATLAS Inner Detector Track Reconstruction Software 15 M. Strang/SUNY-Buffalo, The CMS Physics Software Validation Suite 15 D. Spiga/Perugia, CMS Workload Management S10 Astroparticle and neutrinos (chairperson: S. Swordy) 20 S. Wakely/Chicago, A method to identify cosmic-ray nuclei in the knee region using high-resolution Cerenkov cameras on the ground 15 Gabriele Sirri/Bologna, Commissioning of the CNGS neutrino beam 20 M. Cozzi/Bologna, The OPERA experiment 15 M.G. Bagliesi/Siena, Front-end electronics with large dynamic range for space-borne experiments 15 M. Brigida/Bari, First results from GLAST-LAT beam test at CERN-PS and SPS 15 M.Y. Kim/Siena, Development of a large area silicon pad detector for the identification of cosmic ions 15 F. Terranova/LNF, "The instrumented magnets for the OPERA experiment: construction and commissioning

Wednesday 4 October

S11 Electronics, trigger, DAQ (chairperson: N. Allinson) 15 J. Blaha/Prague, Calibration and performance test of the Very-Front-End electronics for the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter 15 J. Troconiz/Auton. Madrid, The CMS Barrel Muon Trigger 15 Dominique Gigi/CERN, Flexible custom designs for CMS DAQ 15 Konstantinos Kordas/LNF, The ATLAS Data acquisition and Trigger: concept, design and status S11 bis Radiation hardness 15 D. Salvatore/Cosenza, Neutron massive irradiation tests of ATLAS MDT chambers 15 P.R. Hobson/Brunel, "The production of radiation tolerant vacuum phototriodes and their HV filters for the CMS endcap electromagnetic calorimeter" 15 K.K. Gan/Ohio, "Bandwidth of Micro Twisted-Pair Cables and Fusion Spliced SIMM/GRIN Fibers and Radiation Hardness of PIN/VCSEL Arrays" S12 Tracking and Particle Identification (chairperson: W. Liebig) 15 M. Karagoz Unel/Oxford, ATLAS Experiment Silicon Detector Alignment 15 D. Pinci/Roma, Precise gain measurement of a MWPC of the LHCb Muon System 15 F. Ronga/CERN, Tracking and Alignment in the CMS detector 15 M. Mulders/CERN, Muon Reconstruction and Identification at CMS S12 bis Computing 15 V. Kartvelishvili/Lancaster, Electron bremsstrahlung recovery in ATLAS 15 N. De Filippis/Bari, CMS Computing, Software and analysis Challenge 2006 S13 Innovative Detectors (chairperson: A. Tonazzo) 15 S. Ronchin/ITC-irst, 3D detectors at ITC-irst: process development, characterization and first irradiation studies 15 L. Quintieri/LNF, "The RAP experiment: acoustic detection of particles" 15 T. Iwamoto/PSI, Liquid Xenon Detector for the MEG Experiment 15 P. Krizan/Ljubljana, "Proximity focusing RICH with TOF capabilities" 15 G. Latino/Pisa, A Triple-GEM Telescope for the TOTEM Experiment 15 N. Abgrall/Geneve, Characterization of a high resolution triple Gas Electron Multiplier ( Gem ) detector S14 Calorimetry (chairperson: M.G. Pia) 15 P. Kokkas/Ioannina, Detection of muons at 150 GeV/c and absolute energy calibration of a CMS Preshower Prototype 15 P. Govoni/Milano, "The in-situ calibration of the CMS ECAL" 15 B. Di Micco/Roma3, A new FLUKA simulation of the KLOE calorimeter S14 bis Radiation monitoring 15 D. Kramer/CERN, Simulations and Measurements of Secondary Electron Emission Beam Loss Monitor for LHC

Thursday 5 October

S15 Computing (chairperson: M. Paganoni) 15 M. Verducci/CERN, ATLAS Condition database and Calibration Stream 15 G. Della Ricca/Trieste, The DQM for CMS 15 Roberto Salerno/Milano-Bicocca, Electron reconstruction in CMS at the LHC S15 bis Innovative Detectors (chairperson: M. Weber) 15 A. Menegolli/Pavia, Noble-gas liquid detectors: measurement of light diffusion and reflectivity on commonly adopted inner surface materials 15 M. Caponero/LNF&ENEA, THE OMEGA-LIKE: A NOVEL DEVICE USING FBG SENSORS TO POSITION VERTEX DETECTORS WITH MICROMETRIC PRECISION 15 H. Nishiguchi/Tokyo, The MEG positron spectrometer S16 Closing session (chairperson: A. Tonazzo) 20 M.M. Weber/RAL, Overview of R&D activities and system design for the ATLAS SuperLHC tracker POSTERS M. Andreotti/Ferrara, A Barrel IFR Instrumented with Limited Streamer Tubes P. Cirrone/LNS,Clinical validation of a proton ocular Treatment Planning System with Geant4 Monte Carlo simulations and measurements A. Citterio/Milano-Bicocca, CLUSTER: concept study and design of a low - medium beta accelerating structure S. Coelli/Milano, Design and experience of Mechanics and Services of the ATLAS Pixel Detector M.R. Coluccia/Lecce, Laser beam characterization of a small size RPC Sergio Grancagnolo/Lecce, Implementation and performance of the ATLAS Trigger Muon "Vertical Slice" Wolfgang Liebig, Thijs Cornelissen/NIKHEF, Inner Detector Performance Studies at the ATLAS Combined Test Beam S. Manzoor/Bologna Nuclear Track Detectors for particle searches V. Mascagna/Como, Operation and performance of the FAST detector at the AD machine A. Perrotta/Bologna, Progress with metabolic radiotherapy using 188Re D.L. Perego/Milano-Bicocca, Status of the LHCb silica aerogel Cherenkov radiator D. Piparo/Milano-Bicocca, The gLite metadata catalogue AMGA M. Pizzichemi/Milano-Bicocca, Applications of pulsed electric fields D. Salvatore/Cosenza, The GNAM system in the ATLAS online monitoring framework G. Santin/ESA, Simulation for astroparticle experiments and planetary explorations G. Sirri/Bologna, "Fast automated scanning of OPERA emulsion films" A. Sopczak/Lancaster, Radiation hardness of CCD vertex detectors for the ILC