The conference proceedings will be published in Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplement).

Invited papers, contributed papers and contributed posters will be published with a page limit which was given at the time of the conference. The page allocation is 3 pages for posters and 20' talks, and 5 pages for 30' and 35' talks.

The format of Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) is a two-column format [NOT one-column]. The files of the espcrc2 Latex package may also be found on this server: (.zip) or (.tar). There are currently no templates in Word, but Latex can easily run on Mac and on PCs under Windows. An example of a paper is available as a (.ps) or (.pdf) file.

The Guest Editors inform the authors that manuscripts will not be accepted if they have been published elsewhere or are expected to be published elsewhere.