Perspectives on the use of WWW in Italian Astronomy.

L. Benacchio
Osservatorio Astronomico 
Astronomers are using, since centuries, the more modern and up-to-date methods and tools for the communication of the scientific knowledge. This is demonstrated, i.e., by the collection of letters between Galileo and Copernicus, or, more recently, by the establishment, in the 30's, of the system of Astronomical Telegrams of the International Astronomical Union. The Italian astronomers are organized in a network, Astronet, from the early 80's. Recently the Astronomical Observatories are studying the new powerful tool, that is WWW. Through a common mosaic page of Astronet one can reach the home pages of several Observatories in Italy (presently Padova, Milano, Trieste, Firenze, Cagliari). Pages are at he moment experimental in the sense that each Observatory is trying a different use: internal documentation and activity, Project documentation. Of particular interest are the pages on Large Binocular Telescope, click on Florence in the Astronet Page, and on Galileo National Telescope, click on Padova and Trieste.
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