Experience of MonteCarlo simulations for a LEP experiment on UNIX 
workstation clusters

M.Bonesini, A.Calegari and V.Rossi
The production of Monte Carlo simulated events has become a major challenge for large HEP experiments. The complexities of the detectors pose severe difficulties in keeping a high pace of production together with the required accuracy in simulating the detector. The DELPHI simulation program (DELSIM), the only one in LEP not using GEANT, is tipical in this respect. A long term collaboration between the DELPHI group in Milan and CILEA Computing Centre, started in 1990, has proved to be effective in providing high production rates at low costs. Since 1991 we have been trying different distributed computing environment with different organizative models. At present the production chain is running on a mixed supercomputer-workstations environment with a peak production rate of more than 10K events/day.

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