ESIS and the World Wide Web

                 S. Ansari, P. Giommi, and A. Micol
           Information System Division of ESA, Frascati Italy
The European Space Information System (ESIS) is an ESA service to access, retrieve and compare data from several remote archives of Astronomical and Space Physics data. ESIS also provides access to extensive bibliographic information. In general the connected archives are widely different among themselves and the esis software performs the task to make them appear as a single large database. ESIS also provides tools to compare data (images, spectra, time series etc.) from different experiments and satellites. ESIS can be accessed as a standalone package or via the World Wide Web. Extensive documentation, tutorials and standard demonstrations of the system are available within NCSA Mosaic. Data browsing facilities and a bibliographic service can be accessed directly within Mosaic. Other ESIS services will be added in the near future. The ESIS home page can be reached at the following URL