On-line hypermedia newspapers: an experiment with "L'Unione Sarda"

Francesco Ruggiero/DSI-Universita' di Milano e CRS4
Reinier van Kleij/L'Unione Sarda
From the beginning WWW has proofed to be an useful tool for easy and user-friendly browsing of information, whatever its type: text, audio, graphics and even video. Moreover, the fact that WWW supports hypertextual links in documents, makes it possible to browse in a random-access way, just like one tends to read a newspaper. These aspects have led, in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (CRS4), to the experiment of the L'Unione Sarda Hypermedia, which provides interactive browsing of news. This can be seen as a gathering place of various sources of information: newspapers (text and photo's), radio (audio) and television (video). The prototype provides a continuous flow of information without the traditional, temporal limits of newspapers and magazines. An electronic archive will permit the user to browse and retrieve outdated news. In the end the prototype will allow to other institutions such as railways, airways, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, museums, meteorological centres etc. to include their information.
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experiment with "L'Unione Sarda"'