5th San Miniato Topical Seminar
             "The Irresistible Rise of the Standard Model" 
                   'I Cappuccini', 21-25 april 1997


                                                         Version 4.0
                                                        15 april 1997

Monday 21/4 


        - Welcome address

     1-Present and future facilities 
     The future of present accelerators 
        - W. Bartel, The future of HERA
        - S. Myers, The future of LEP2 
     Other facilities, below and above the surface
        - E. Bloom, The GLAST [Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope] 
        - R. Battiston, Astroparticle physics with the Alpha Magnetic 
          Spectrometer [AMS] on the International Space Station Alpha

     5-From the SM to new physics
     Foundations of the SM
        - R. Brout, Connes' construction of the symmetries of the SM
     Search for new particles 
        - G. Giacomelli, Search for magnetic monopoles and nuclearites

Tuesday 22/4


     3-QCD tests
        - H. Suganuma, Instanton, Monopole Condensation and 
        - G. Bottazzi, Structure function and angular ordering at 
          small x
        - W. Bernreuther, NLO QCD corrections to 3-jet rates with 
          massive quarks in e+ e- annihilation 
        - G. Dissertori, Measurement of the QCD color factors at LEP 
        - L. del Pozo, Measurement of the q-g difference at LEP 
        - P. Paolucci, The running of alpha_s at LEP 

     Neutrino oscillations
        - R. Raghavan, Underground and reactor experiments on neutrino 


     2-Electroweak tests
     EW physics at LEPI/SLD 
        - C. Schafer, The Z0 lineshape at LEP 
        - P. Colrain, Measurement of R_b, R_c at LEP 
     EW physics at LEPI/SLD 
        - R. Hawkings, Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry 
          of Quarks in Z0 Decays
        - P. Garcia, Measurement of the tau polarization at LEP
     EW physics at hadron colliders 
        - T. Diehl, Boson Pair Production and Gauge Couplings at the 

    4c-Tau physics
        - I. Park, Measurement of the tau lifetime, leptonic BR and 
          test of lepton universality at LEP 
        - M. Schmidtler, Standard Model tests in tau decays at CLEO
        - J.M. Lopez Garcia, Tau hadronic BR at LEP 

     5-From the SM to new physics
     The impact of high-energy cosmic rays
        - F. Frontera, New results on Gamma Ray Bursts 

Wednesday 23/4


     2-Electroweak tests
     EW physics at LEPII 
        - P. Azzurri, The W mass at threshold at LEP 
        - A. Tonazzo, The W mass from reconstruction at LEP 
        - T. Shears, A review of Triple Gauge Couplings at LEP2  
        - B. Schmitt, Studies of two-fermion production at LEP2 

     Neutrinos from everywhere
        - G. Gervasio, Experimental facilities for the study of the 
          neutrino mass, double beta decay, neutrino magnetic moment
        - M. Giammarchi, Perspectives for the future solar neutrino 
     Neutrino oscillations
        - K. Hoepfner, Results from the CHORUS experiment
        - E. Pennacchio, Preliminary results from the NOMAD experiment

    4c-Tau physics
        - M. Gallinaro, Tau Physics at the Tevatron  


     3-QCD tests
     QCD from DIS 
        - A. Zhokin, QCD tests in structure functions at HERA
        - G. Barbagli, Diffraction at HERA
        - A. Meyer, Vector meson production at HERA
        - N. Pavel, Final states in DIS at HERA
        - M. Lamanna, Polarized structure functions from the SMC 
     QCD at hadron colliders
        - T. Heuring, Production of Jets at the Tevatron 
        - C. Gerber, QCD Production of Gauge Bosons at the Tevatron

Thursday 24/5


     4-Heavy flavours and mixing of generations
        - H. Yamamoto, Phenomenology of charmless B decays
        - F. De Fazio, Beauty hadrons lifetime ratios and the problem of
          the Lambda_b lifetime
     Results in e+e- at low energy
        - R. Greene, New CLEO results on rare B decays
     Results in e+e- at high energy
        - D. Liko, Measurement of B lifetimes at LEP 
        - F. Martinez, Measurement of B mixing and oscillations at LEP 
        - T. Podobnik, Measurement of V_cs at LEP 
        - S. Willocq, Heavy flavours physics at SLD 
     Results in hadron collisions
        - R. Strohmer, B physics at the Tevatron 
        - J. Scheidt, Rare decays of kaons 

     5-From the SM to new physics
     Other interactions        
        - J. Wudka, Testing new physics/couplings at the NLC


     5-Search for new particles and new interactions
     [from the SM to new physics]
     The missing Higgs
        - G. Pasztor, Search for the Higgs particle at LEP 
        - R. Faccini, 4jet events at LEP 
     The quest for SUSY
        - C. Loomis, Searches for new particles and new phenomena at 
          the Tevatron 
        - V. Buescher, Search for SUSY at LEP II 

     4-Heavy flavours and mixing of generations
     Results in ep collisions
        - G. Heath, Charm production at HERA
     CP violation in K, D, B systems
        - V. Marzulli, CP violation with kaons at fixed target 
        _ H. Yamamoto, Lepton CP asymmetries in B decays 
        - M. Piccinini, The HERA-B physics programme
        - M. Gronau, Theory of CP violation
Friday 25/4


     4a-Top physics
        - M. Cobal, CDF results on Top
        - Qizhong Li, D0 Recent Results on Top Quark Physics 

     5-Search for new particles and new interactions
     [from the SM to new physics]
     Other particles 
        - S. Shevchenko, Search for heavy leptons, excited leptons 
        - J. Gayler, Observation of Events at Very High Q^2 in ep 
          Collisions at HERA with H1 
        - M. Corradi, Search for exotic phenomena at HERA with ZEUS
     The impact of high-energy cosmic rays
        - L. Krauss, Cosmology vs accelerators 

     1-Present and future facilities 
     The present of future accelerators 
        - W. Scandale, The present of LHC 

        - Closing remarks

     Posters of large detectors 
        - Poster of existing large detectors with some details of the 
          performances can be used to backup the presentations of 
          results from large collaborations [they will be posted 
          during the whole conference]

     5-Search for new particles and new interactions
     [from the SM to new physics]
        - S. Dusini, Searching the Higgs with the Neurochip TOTEM
        - S. Paiano, Searching SUSY in an almost degenerate scenario