Pontignano 2000

Second San Miniato Topical Seminar on

Global and Local Network for Research and Education

The Second Topical Seminar on "Global and Local Network for Research and Education" will take place at the Certosa of Pontignano near Siena, Italy, from 6 to 9 November 2000 . The conference will be transmitted live via the Web.



The Seminar is the second in a series devoted to information networks in research and education. The previous one was held in 1994 on 'The World Wide Web and beyond in Physics Research and Applications'. Today the Internet is used more and more as a universal platform and the number of users has dramatically increased over the last few years. The Seminar will focus on the discussion of present and future developments and applications of information and communication technologies for research and education. Research benefits from using networks of high transmission capacity for exchanging documentation and data, for sharing computer resources, for the remote control of experimental apparata, and for organizing meetings and videoconferences. Telematic applications in Education and Training offer the possibility of improving the quality and efficiency of dedicated educational systems and also enable the general public to access new sources of knowledge, thus meeting the challenges of an effective distant and lifelong learning. Special sessions will be dedicated to new information technologies for human and historical sciences.
The Seminar will consist of review talks summarizing the progress and perspectives in the major sectors, and shorter talks discussing specific issues. The presentation of posters and demos is also foreseen.


Attendance will be by invitation and limited to approximately one hundred participants. Those interested should [e-/s-]write to the Organizing Committee.

Papers and Abstracts
In addition to invited papers, contributed papers and demos are welcome. A 1-page abstract must be sent to: pelfer@fi.infn.it Deadline of contributed abstracts (please ignore the date on the form): 31 August 2000. Acceptance will be notified by 15 September 2000 . Accepted contributed papers will be published together with the invited papers in the conference proceedings. Postdeadline contributions will also be considered and acceptance will be notified asap.

These papers will be published in Int. Jour. of Mod. Phys. C - Physics and Computers and must be received by the Editors by 9 November 2000. Instructions for the preparation of the full-length manuscripts will be sent to the authors. The style files can be downloaded from World Scientific Publishing Co. Latex style files for the IJMPC journal are available, MS-word style files for Proceedings Trim Size 9.75"x6.50" may be used as well.

International Advisory Committee

Claudio Allocchio - Trieste             Giuseppe Attardi - Pisa
Juan Anton Barcelo - Barcelona          Giuliano Benelli Siena 
Manuel Delfino - CERN                   Mark Donszelmann - CERN    
Stefano Fantoni - SISSA                 Fabrizio Gentili - Rome     
Hans J. Herrmann - Stuttgart            Paul W. Jeffrey - Rutherford     
Erik Johansson - Stockholm              James F. Leighton  - Berkeley 
Fernando Liello - Trieste               Mirco Mazzucato - Padua               
Ciaran McDonnell - Dublin               Luciano Modica - Rome    
Paolo Palazzi - CERN                    Larry Price - ANL                    
Mario Rinaldi - CINECA                  Federico Ruggeri - Bologna           
Roman Tirler - Bruxelles                Klaus Ullmann - DFN                  
Enzo Valente - Rome                     Deny Vandromme - RENATER             
Hans von der Schmitt - DESY

Organising Committee

F.L.Navarria ( Universita` di Bologna). E-mail: navarria@bo.infn.it
P.G.Pelfer ( Universita` di Firenze). E-mail: pelfer@fi.infn.it


Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Universita' di Bologna
Universita' di Firenze
Universita` di Siena


Registration form

Please send by fax or s-mail the registration/reservation form to the Conference secretariat.

Servizio Congressi - Universita` di Siena
Via Banchi di Sotto 46
I-53100 SIENA
phone +39 0577 232132 - fax +39 0577 232134
e-mail: Pasquini@unisi.it

Programme information

e-mail: pelfer@fi.infn.it

Address of the Workshop

Certosa di Pontignano
Loc. Pontignano - I-53010 VAGLIAGLI (SI)
phone +39 0577 356851 - fax +39 0577 356669
e-mail: certosa@unisi.it

From 6 November morning, you can contact the Registration Desk at the Certosa di Pontignano


You can reach Siena by train. Please click for a searchable timetable of the Ferrovie dello Stato. There is also a direct bus service to Siena departing near Florence main railway station [Santa Maria Novella]. By plane the nearest airports are "G. Galilei" in Pisa and "A. Vespucci" in Florence. In Pisa airport you can take directly the train to Empoli and then to Siena, from Florence airport you have first to reach the Santa Maria Novella railway station.
For further information see the web page: http://www.unisi.it/eventi/tsiena/welcome.html
Several times per day, there is bus from Siena to the Certosa and back.

Final Programme

Monday, 6 November

Welcome Address

Diffusion of the scientific knowledge

R. Semper
Live science Web cast from the Exploratorium

E. Johansson
Hands on CERN - an Internet Education Project at the Frontline of

P. Palazzi
Antimatter research Web cast live from CERN for schools and the public

Networks technologies

R. Fink
IPv6 in Research & Education Networks

A. Sidorovs
Enhanced ARP protocol implementation for large switched LAN environment.

M. Boschini 
An High-Performance Mixed-Technology LAN for Education and Research

Tuesday, 7 November

Multimedia broadcasting technologies and applications

T.Ferrari, A.Pinizzotto, D.Pobric, M.Sommani
Test and deployment of native IP multicast routing services on the
Italian Academic and Research Network

Medical Images Remote Consultation

Virtual campus. Distant learning

F.-L. Navarria
Didactical tools for students and teachers on the Web: the ISHTAR server

Globally interconnected databases. Remote control. Sharing of computing

The GRID project

Digital libraries. Virtual museum. Electronic publishing

E. Johansson
The Nobel E Museum - an Internet museum centred around Nobel and the Nobel

Web Lecture Archive Project at CERN

Networking facilities

S. Krashakov
Time-cost based cache decisions

Wednesday, 8 November

Virtual campus. Distant learning

M. Rinaldi
CINECA Web Technologies applied to Interactive Distance Training

C. Riboli
The technological innovation in the didactical methods: problems and
perspectives in the University of Florence

L. Benacchio
Using the Net for education and outreach in Astronomy

Database management. Data mining

F. Attardi
Data mining

S. Squarcia
An On-line Clinical Folder Applied to Choroidal Melanoma Treatment

Virtual reality. Tools for  Scientific Collaborations

J.A. Barcelo
Virtual Reality for Scientific Visualisation as a new tool for
representation and communication of hypothesis and results

C. McDonnell
Virtual Reality in education

Virtual campus. Distant learning
B. Kavanagh
The African Virtual University

A. Messina
EMCORE - EMotional COoperative groupwaRE : a Groupware Tool for
Collaborative Work

Next generation networks for research and education around the world

R. Tirler

E. Valente

Thursday, 9 November

Broadband network usability. Research Network Policies

F. Papa 
Broadband networks for distant education and training: some results and 
practical solutions from an human factors investigation. The CRABS project 

R. Tirler
EC Research Network Policy 

Multimedia broadcasting technologies and applications

A. Vranch
Surgeon training using digital satellite TV, made interactive with video

Future perspectives and conclusions

C. Allocchio
Conference summary and highlights

F.-L. Navarria 11 November 2000

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e-mail: navarria@bo.infn.it