1994 San Miniato Seminar
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1994 San Miniato Topical Seminar on:

"World Wide Web and beyond in Physics Research and Applications"

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                       attrayante, plus douce que celle d'un catalogue 
                       Anatole France, Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard, 1881 

1994 San Miniato Topical Seminar on:

"World Wide Web and beyond in Physics Research and Applications"

San Miniato, Tuscany, Italy, 12-15 March 2100 p.C.

Centro Studi "I Cappuccini" della Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato

The Seminar started with the discussion of the present status and of the perspective impact of W**3 in several areas connected with physics research and applications: high-energy and underground physics, nuclear medicine, astrophysics, molecular biology, metereology. Advanced computing techniques in high-energy physics and biology have also been discussed. Some projects, detectors and experimental results have been presented with emphasis on new and non conventional computing techniques and algorithms.

Programme & pre-Proceedings

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WWW and Scientific Information [Mon 14 4pm]

 P. Galluzzi/Florence - Scientific Informations and Museums in 
                        Multimedial Networks  

 V. Cappellini/Florence - A new Bridge between Art and Science                

M. Ricotti/Pavia - A Lightweight Approach to Client-Server 
                    Database Publishing
WWW Informatic Networks and Links [Tue 15 9am & 2.30pm]

A. Luotonen/CERN - Introductory talk on current status of W**3 and perspectives

M. Donszelmann/CERN - WWW and HEP experiments [e.g. DELPHI]

B. Rousseau/CERN - The LIGHT Concept - Life Cycle Global HyperText

B. Rousseau/CERN - An Automated System for the Maintenance of Multiform Documentation

F. Vitali/Bologna - External anchoring for wide-area network support: the RhYTHM project

D. Giuli/Florence - Metropolitan Area Network for Multimedial Applications

S. Antonelli/STET - Telecomunication networks for multimedia and scientific applications G. Zanetti/CRS4 - Interactive books S. Lariccia/Rome - Archive Net for Cooperative Historical Research based on Sources (ANCHORS)

WWW for Physics and Astrophysics [Tue 15 afternoon]

E. Valente, D. Salomoni/Bologna - Research Network evolution and new information tools for the High Energy Physics community (2 talks)

C. O'Dea/Baltimore - Hubble via the Web

L. Benacchio/Padova - Perspectives for the use of WWW in astronomy

F. Pasian/Trieste - A Mosaic-based Interface to Astronomical Archives and Databases P. Giommi/ESRIN - ESIS and the World Wide Web

Physics and Astrophysics [Tue 15 aft. & Thu 17 aft.]

P. del Giudice/Roma ISS - Information Theory and Learning in Neural Networks

A. Calegari/Milano - MC simulations for a LEP experiment on Unix workstation clusters M. Gruwe/Brussels - The fiber tracker of CHORUS and its performance

R. Odorico/Bologna - A neural network trigger for beauty search at the SPS and beyond

S. Ventura/Padova - Data reduction techniques and extraction of physics parameters in the ICARUS experiment

WWW and the media (TV and newspapers) - Scientific information [Wed 16 morn.]
 Convenor G. Caravita(Il Sole/24h) 

 Participants: R. van Kleij(L'Unione Sarda)
               L. Balestrieri(Rai-TV) 
               et al.   
WWW for Biology and Medicine [Thu 17 9am]

S. Liuni/Bari - Use of informatic networks in biology

V. Pasqui/CESIT - Image Reference Database in Teleradiology

R.D. Appel/Geneve - WWW in molecular biology: the ExPASy server P. Romano/Genova - The Interlab project and tools for network information retrieval

Biology and Medicine [Thu 17 morn.]

O. Parodi/Marseille - Temporal coding and oscillations in the visual cortex of mammals

WWW for Meteorology [Wed 16 aft.]
P. Zanarini/CRS4 - Meteosat IR image processing and MPEG 

International Advisory Committee:
U. Amaldi          - CERN/Como,      K. Bennett         - ESA,          
T. Berners-Lee     - CERN,           K. Bos             - NIKHEF,       
M. Donszelmann     - CERN,           A. Ghiselli        - Bologna,      
F. Harris          - Oxford,         H.J. Hermann       - KFA Julich,   
F. Navach          - Bari/CERN,      P. Palazzi         - CERN,         
A. Seiden          - Santa Cruz,     G. Smadja          - Lyon,         
R. Fuchs           - EMBL Heidelberg                                         

Organizing Committee:

R. Cailliau/CERN       cailliau@www1.cern.ch                
F.-L. Navarria/Bologna navarria@bo.infn.it, kaos@bo.infn.it 
P.G. Pelfer/Firenze    pelfer@fi.infn.it                    

Technical help:

A. Bassi/Bologna       bassi@bo.infn.it 
F. Brasolin/Bologna    brasolin@bo.infn.it                  

Mailing address:

F.-L. Navarria, 
Dipartimento di Fisica, 
Via Irnerio 46, 
tel. +39 51 6305101   fax  +39 51 247244   telex 520634 INFNBO

Conference location

Centro Studi "I Cappuccini"                                          
Via Montegrappa                                                     
tel. +39 571 418216 


The proceedings of the Seminar have been paper-published [printed] on Int. Jour. of Mod. Phys. C, Physics and Computers, Vol. 5, n. 5 october 1994, pages 755-908.

The following papers were included in the proceedings:


 M. Donszelmann - World-Wide Web in High-Energy Physics Experiments,
                  'A Status Report'.                                     p. 755

 J. Bunn, P. Palazzi, B. Rousseau and M. Smith - A step towards
                            LIGHT - Life Cycle Global HyperText.        p. 765

 B. Rousseau, M. Ruggier and M. Smith - An Automated System for the
                             Maintenance of Multiform Documentation.     p. 767

 C. Maioli, S. Sola and F. Vitali -  External anchoring for wide-area
                                  network support: the RhYTHM project.   p. 769

 G.M. Manzini, A. Ticca and G. Zanetti - Interactive books.              p. 785

 M. Ricotti and M. Torriani - A Lightweight Approach to Client-Server
                              DBMS Publishing.                           p. 791

 L. Benacchio - Perspectives on the use of WWW in (italian) Astronomy
                & Astrophysics.                                          p. 795

 S. G. Anzari, P. Giommi and A. Micol - ESIS on the World Wide Web.      p. 805

 C. P. O'Dea - Hubble Space Telescope via the Web.                       p. 811 

 F. Pasian and R. Smareglia - WWW access to Astronomical Archives
                              and Databases.                             p. 817

 A. Campa, P. del Giudice, J.P. Nadal and N. Parga - Neural Networks
                                   as optimal Information Processors.    p. 855

 C. Baldanza et al. -  An on-line non-leptonic Neural Trigger applied
                       to an Experiment looking for beauty.              p. 863

 O. Parodi - Temporal coding and oscillations in the visual cortex 
             of mammals.                                                 p. 871

 M. Bonesini, A. Calegari, P. Rossi and V. Rossi -  MC simulations for
                       a LEP experiment with Unix workstation clusters.  p. 845

 M. Gruwe -  The fiber trackers of CHORUS.                               p. 835

 S. Ventura - Data reduction techniques and extraction of physics
              parameters in the ICARUS experiment. [abs. only]           p. 843

 L. Filippini - Meteosat IR image processing and MPEG animation.         p. 831

 V. Pasqui - Image Reference Database in Teleradiology: migrating to WWW. p. 887 

 F. Ruggiero and R. van Kleij - On-line Hypermedia Newspapers:
                           an Experiment with "L'Unione Sarda".          p. 899 

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