San Miniato 1997

The 5th Topical Seminar on "The irresistible rise of the Standard Model" has already taken place in San Miniato al Todesco, Italy, from 21 to 25 april 1997.


The proceedings of the 5th Topical seminar will be published in camera-ready form in Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplement) . The dead-line for submitting the manuscripts to the editors was 30 june 1997. The address for submission is

F.-L. Navarria, Dip. di Fisica, V.le Berti-Pichat 6/2, I-40127 BOLOGNA



The Seminar is the fifth in a series devoted to experimental and theoretical results in high-energy particle physics and astrophysics. The previous ones were held in 1985 [Few and many quarks systems], 1987 [Heavy Flavours], 1991 [Heavy Flavours] and 1992 [The Standard Model and just beyond]. The 1997 Seminar will focus on the latest results from LEP, including the 1996 run at high energy, SLD, Cornell, Tevatron, HERA and fixed target experiments. Relevant results in cosmic ray astrophysics experiments will be also discussed, with emphasis on their correlations to accelerator experiments. The format of the Seminar will be based on reviews talks summarizing the progress in the major sectors, electroweak physics, heavy flavours, searches for new particles and new phenomena. Shorter talks will discuss subsectors and present contributions on specific items. The presentation of posters is also foreseen.


Electroweak physics
Heavy flavours
Searches for new particles and new phenomena
Advances in theory


Attendance will be by invitation only and will be limited to 
approximately one hundred physicists. Participants are expected 
to attend the full Seminar. Interested physicists should write 
to the Organizing Committee.


The registration fee is 200 SF.

If your laboratory wishes to pay in advance, please credit the 
following account
        Account no. 70 3570Q
        Ref: Topical Seminar
Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato
Via A. Conti
San Miniato
I-56027 Pisa
Tel +39 571 400902
Fax +39 571 404310
Tlx 500142 CARISM I

Please remember to mention the Account Number and the Reference: 
Topical Seminar.


Housing and full board on site cost 400 SF per person in a double 
room (supplement for a single room is 100 SF). The cost for an 
adult companion is 350 SF. The full board covers the duration of 
the conference, from the dinner on 21 april to the lunch on 25 


From April 20 afternoon, you can contact the
Registration Desk at the 
             Centro Studi "I Cappuccini"
             Via Montegrappa
             I-56027 San Miniato (Pisa)
Tel +39 571 418216


The most convenient airport is "G. Galilei" in Pisa, where you 
can take the train to Empoli Station. In front of Empoli Station 
you will find the Seminar minibus (meeting the main trains from 
about 9 am until 12 pm on Monday April 21). If you arrive already 
on Sunday afternoon, phone the Conference centre [418216]. 
There are also national and international flights to Florence 
airport. Coming by train, you have to change at Florence or Pisa, 
and stop at Empoli Station to take the Seminar bus. Please click 
for a timetable of local trains. 
The Seminar is sponsored by:
Universita` di Bologna
Universita` di Firenze
Regione Toscana

International Advisory Committee

G. Barbiellini/Trieste    G. Bellini/Milano,        S. Bethke/Aachen, 
R. Casalbuoni/Firenze,    M. Calvetti/Firenze,      R. Cashmore/Oxford,      
G. Giacomelli/Bologna,    P. Giusti/Bologna,        J. Ellis/CERN,           
C. Heusch/Santa Cruz,     C. Jarlskog/Stockholm,    M. Klein/Zeuthen,        
M. Piccolo/Frascati,      A. Seiden/Santa Cruz,     G. Smadja/Lyon,          
J. Steinberger/CERN&Pisa, W. Venus/Rutherford 

Organizing Committee

F.-L. Navarria/Bologna
P.G. Pelfer/Firenze



F.-L. Navarria, Dip. di Fisica, V.le Berti-Pichat 6/2, I-40127 BOLOGNA
tel +39 51 6305082/6305101; fax +39 51 247244; tlx 520634 INFNBO

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Registration fee                200 SF
Full board normal accommodation 400 SF
Supplement for a single room
(only a few rooms available)    100 SF
Accompanying persons            350 SF
                                        TOTAL        SF

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Monday 21/4 


        - Welcome address

     1-Present and future facilities 
     The future of present accelerators 
        - W. Bartel, The future of HERA
        - S. Myers, The future of LEP2 
     Other facilities, below and above the surface
        - E. Bloom, The GLAST [Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope] 
        - R. Battiston, Astroparticle physics with the Alpha Magnetic 
          Spectrometer [AMS] on the International Space Station Alpha

     5-From the SM to new physics
     Foundations of the SM
        - R. Brout, Connes' construction of the symmetries of the SM
     Search for new particles 
        - G. Giacomelli, Search for magnetic monopoles and nuclearites

  19h   - Welcome cocktail

  20h   - Dinner

Tuesday 22/4


     3-QCD tests
        - H. Suganuma, Instanton, Monopole Condensation and 
        - G. Bottazzi, Structure function and angular ordering at 
          small x
        - W. Bernreuther, NLO QCD corrections to 3-jet rates with 
          massive quarks in e+ e- annihilation 
        - G. Dissertori, Measurement of the QCD color factors at LEP 
        - L. del Pozo, Measurement of the q-g difference at LEP 
        - P. Paolucci, The running of alpha_s at LEP 

     Neutrino oscillations
        - R. Raghavan, Underground and reactor experiments on neutrino 

  13h   - Lunch


     2-Electroweak tests
     EW physics at LEPI/SLD 
        - C. Schafer, The Z0 lineshape at LEP 
        - P. Colrain, Measurement of R_b, R_c at LEP 
     EW physics at LEPI/SLD 
        - R. Hawkings, Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry 
          of Quarks in Z0 Decays
        - P. Garcia, Measurement of the tau polarization at LEP
     EW physics at hadron colliders 
        - T. Diehl, Boson Pair Production and Gauge Couplings at the 

    4c-Tau physics
        - I. Park, Measurement of the tau lifetime, leptonic BR and 
          test of lepton universality at LEP 
        - M. Schmidtler, Standard Model tests in tau decays at CLEO
        - J.M. Lopez Garcia, Tau hadronic BR at LEP 

     5-From the SM to new physics
     The impact of high-energy cosmic rays
        - F. Frontera, New results on Gamma Ray Bursts 

  20h   - Dinner

Wednesday 23/4


     2-Electroweak tests
     EW physics at LEPII 
        - P. Azzurri, The W mass at threshold at LEP 
        - A. Tonazzo, The W mass from reconstruction at LEP 
        - T. Shears, A review of Triple Gauge Couplings at LEP2  
        - B. Schmitt, Studies of two-fermion production at LEP2 

     Neutrinos from everywhere
        - G. Gervasio, Experimental facilities for the study of the 
          neutrino mass, double beta decay, neutrino magnetic moment
        - M. Giammarchi, Perspectives for the future solar neutrino 
     Neutrino oscillations
        - K. Hoepfner, Results from the CHORUS experiment
        - E. Pennacchio, Preliminary results from the NOMAD experiment

    4c-Tau physics
        - M. Gallinaro, Tau Physics at the Tevatron  

  13h   - Lunch


     3-QCD tests
     QCD from DIS 
        - A. Zhokin, QCD tests in structure functions at HERA
        - G. Barbagli, Diffraction at HERA
        - A. Meyer, Vector meson production at HERA
        - N. Pavel, Final states in DIS at HERA
        - M. Lamanna, Polarized structure functions from the SMC 
     QCD at hadron colliders
        - T. Heuring, Production of Jets at the Tevatron 
        - C. Gerber, QCD Production of Gauge Bosons at the Tevatron

  20h   - Dinner

Thursday 24/5


     4-Heavy flavours and mixing of generations
        - H. Yamamoto, Phenomenology of charmless B decays
        - F. De Fazio, Beauty hadrons lifetime ratios and the problem of
          the Lambda_b lifetime
     Results in e+e- at low energy
        - R. Greene, New CLEO results on rare B decays
     Results in e+e- at high energy
        - D. Liko, Measurement of B lifetimes at LEP 
        - F. Martinez, Measurement of B mixing and oscillations at LEP 
        - T. Podobnik, Measurement of V_cs at LEP 
        - S. Willocq, Heavy flavours physics at SLD 
     Results in hadron collisions
        - R. Strohmer, B physics at the Tevatron 
        - J. Scheidt, Rare decays of kaons 

     5-From the SM to new physics
     Other interactions        
        - J. Wudka, Testing new physics/couplings at the NLC

  13h   - Lunch


     5-Search for new particles and new interactions
     [from the SM to new physics]
     The missing Higgs
        - G. Pasztor, Search for the Higgs particle at LEP 
        - R. Faccini, 4jet events at LEP 
     The quest for SUSY
        - C. Loomis, Searches for new particles and new phenomena at 
          the Tevatron 
        - V. Buescher, Search for SUSY at LEP II 

     4-Heavy flavours and mixing of generations
     Results in ep collisions
        - G. Heath, Charm production at HERA
     CP violation in K, D, B systems
        - V. Marzulli, CP violation with kaons at fixed target 
        _ H. Yamamoto, Lepton CP asymmetries in B decays 
        - M. Piccinini, The HERA-B physics programme
        - M. Gronau, Theory of CP violation

  20h   - Dinner
Friday 25/4


     4a-Top physics
        - M. Cobal, CDF results on Top
        - Qizhong Li, D0 Recent Results on Top Quark Physics 

     5-Search for new particles and new interactions
     [from the SM to new physics]
     Other particles 
        - S. Shevchenko, Search for heavy leptons, excited leptons 
        - J. Gayler, Observation of Events at Very High Q^2 in ep 
          Collisions at HERA with H1 
        - M. Corradi, Search for exotic phenomena at HERA with ZEUS
     The impact of high-energy cosmic rays
        - L. Krauss, Cosmology vs accelerators 

     1-Present and future facilities 
     The present of future accelerators 
        - W. Scandale, The present of LHC 

        - Closing remarks

  13h   - Lunch

     Posters of large detectors 
        - Poster of existing large detectors with some details of the 
          performances can be used to backup the presentations of 
          results from large collaborations [they will be posted 
          during the whole conference]

     5-Search for new particles and new interactions
     [from the SM to new physics]
        - S. Dusini, Searching the Higgs with the Neurochip TOTEM
        - S. Paiano, Searching SUSY in an almost degenerate scenario

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