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Group III


  Nuclear Physics Experiments  

  National Scientific Committee III  


The experimental groups in Bologna are involved in all the four items of the National Scientific Committee III. The Bologna groups are currently exploiting the accelerators of the INFN Laboratori Nazionali in Frascati, Legnaro and Sud (Catania) together with the ones in CERN, both with the neutron time of flight facility and with the forthcoming LHC.
The research lines, currently active doing data analysis of experiments and building new detectors, can be summarized in:

Studies of the phase transition to a quark-gluon plasma:
   - ALICE experiment ( LHC accelerator, Cern)
                   ALICE (BO)            ALICE TOF

                                          ALICE ITS
Studies on dynamics and thermodynamics of hot and excited nuclear systems:
  - NUCL-EX experiment  (ALPI accelerator, Legnaro; CS, Catania; GANIL e Spiral, Caen)
Measurements of high resolution neutron cross sections:
 - n-TOF experiment  (neutron time of flight facility, Cern).


Prof.ssa. Gilda Scioli
V.  Irnerio 46,  I-40126
  Tel.  +39 051 2091060
  E-mail: scioli<at>
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