electron/positron - proton  collisions at HERA (DESY, Hamburg)

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 ZEUS-Italy research activities

The italian groups that participate to the ZEUS experiment have the full responsibility of the muon detection system (Barrel, Rear and Forward). They have also the main responsibility in the Leading Proton Spectrometer, a challenging spectrometer designed and built to detect energetic protons scattered unbroken at low angles with respect to the incoming direction.  Also a leading role is in the Beam Pipe Tracker, a silicon-layers detector located close to the beam pipe to detect electrons scattered at low angles. Last, they are involved in the construction of a new silicon vertex detector (Micro Vertex Detector) that will be operational after the luminosity upgrade foreseen for the year 2000 (coordination of the electronics,  participation to the read-out and data acquisition system).

The groups are acively involved in many physical analyses on different topics. A non-exaustive list is:

Italian groups

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