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   HERA-B Short History

HERA-B is an experiment to study CP violation in the B system using an internal target at the DESY HERA proton ring.

The experiment combines a strong physics program with a most exciting technical challenge and provides a first opportunity to apply on a large scale detector developments started for LHC .

In February 1995 the experiment, as described in the Technical Design Report , is approved by the DESY directorate.

On December 15, 1995 the Hera-B magnet is powered for the first time.

During 1996 various detector and electronics prototypes are installed on the HERA-p proton beam.

In 1997 first common DAQ is commissioned, involving parts of VDS, ECAL and tracking system. Background studies are performed and first significant physics signals are seen.

In October 1997 the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) is fully assembled. Electronics readout and pretrigger cards are commissioned.

In 1998 a significant part of the detector is assembled in its final configuration. Final DAQ and trigger commissioning starts. The mass production of ECAL readout and pretrigger electronics starts.

1999 is mainly devoted to mass production: inner and outer tracking systems, FLT electronics, muon detector electronics, etc. .

At the beginning of year 2000 the detector is nearly complete. Full experiment commissioning starts. In September 2000 the experiment stops due to HERA luminosity upgrade.

Middle 2001: re-start commissioning. 2001-2002 Physics run !

(Actual photos of the installation).


June 4, 1997 Domenico Galli  p;              Updated December 2000 Maurizio Piccinini