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    Figure rivelatore CDF

  • CDF detector run 1 3D BN
  • CDF detector run 1 3D Colore
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  • CDF detector 1quarter run 1 Colore
  • CDF 1 fotografia

  • Figure del talk in Portogallo

  • cdf3866_fig1 : Scatter plot of min bias ev. at 1800 GeV from 1A, event charged multiplicity normalized vs average Pt of the event
  • cdf3866_fig2 : Profile of the scatter plot using 0.2GeV/c slices in Pt
  • cdf3866_fig4 : Scatter plot for the High Pt events at 1800 GeV from 1A (from JET_20 and JET_50 triggers)
  • cdf3866_fig5 : Superposition of profile plots of average multiplicity vs average event pt from Min Bias ev. at 630 and 1800 GeV
  • cdf3866_fig12 : Comparison of average number of V0 ev. at 1800 GeV in Min Bias and in JET trigger as function of the average event Pt
  • cdf3866_fig13 : Average number of V0 events as a function of the average ev Pt at 630 and 1800 GeV
  • cdf3866_fig10 : Mean strength of the Short range p. correlation fnct. as a function of the mean ev. Pt
  • cdf3866_fig11 : Short Range correlation for the JET trigger events superimposed to the 1800 GeV data
  • Plots blessati il 22 Agosto 1996 (usare il login di cdfsga)

    Trasparenze del Talk di Torino (Maggio '97)

  • MOLTEPLICITA': confronto dati 1800 (1A = 313,053) e Pythia (41,558)
  • MOLTEPLICITA': confronto dati 1800 (1A) e 630 (1,279,492)
  • MOLTEPLICITA': sovrapposizione Min Bias (1A) e JETS pesati (12,330)
  • V0 : confronto dati 1800 e dati 630 (1,279,492)
  • V0 : confronto dati 1800 e Pythia (41,558)

  • Note CDF

  • Elenco delle note (for some of them the .ps is NOT available)
  • Franco Rimondi, Proc. ISMD'94 Vietri (Italy) (CDF note 2879) Study of the Structure of the Events Produced in Soft pbar-p Interactions at sqrt(s)=1800 GeV
  • nota cdf3251 (micro DST Ntuple) : In this note we present a work on a new type of micro-DST. The main objective is to allow a quick and easy access to a large amount of data recorded at CDF from the Minimum Bias trigger, but this method can be applied also to other data sets.
  • nota cdf3803 (summer 1996) : Statistical Properties of the Final State as a Function of the Average Pt in Minimum Bias Interactions
  • nota cdf3866 (3803 revisited)
  • Irene Fiori, Proc. ISMD'96 Faro (Portogallo) (CDF note 3918)
  • nota cdf4294 (summer 1997): Event Structure Evolution with the Average Event Pt in Multibody Final States
  • Niccolo' Moggi, Proc. ISMD'97 Frascati (Italy) (CDF note 4387)

  • HV System CAEN 527

  • Antonio Reference Manual NewSy527
  • link to CAEN Home Page
  • data sheet SY527 HV Power Supply
  • data sheet A932 Distributor Board
  • Remote HV Control

  • Intermediate Silicon Layers (ISL)

  • link to Pisa ISL page


    Test dei Fotomoltiplicatori Single Anode per il Calorimetro Plug Upgrade di CDF II:

  • Thecnical Design Report di CDF II: capitolo sul Plug Upgrade

  • Evaluation of candidate photomultiplier tubes for the upgrade of the CDF end plug calorimeter (NIM A, 406 (1998) 103; CDFnote 4887)

  • Talk a CALOR'97: slides, Fig-gain, Fig-gain-2, Fig-dark, Fig-dark-2, Tab.Lin., Fig-lin, Fig-stab-1, Fig-stab-2, Fig-QE, Sum.Tab.
  • Proceeding CALOR'97 (CDFnote 4420): Test on 2,000 Photomultipliers for the CDF Endplug Calorimeter Upgrade.

  • Database Fototubi sul WEB

  • Documentazione sulla certificazione dei PMT R4125

  • Hamamatsu R4125 data sheet

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