Proceedings of the

                          8th Topical Seminar on
                 Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors 
                         Siena, 21-24 October 2002

                           published by Elsevier
                   Nucl. Phys B (Proc. Suppl.) vol. 125

                             Table of contents
                               Author index  

Monday 21 October

10:00-13:00 Neutrino detectors 
            Chairperson: Carlo Bosio/Rome

  C. Spiering/Zeuthen, High Energy Neutrino Telescopes: Status, Results,
     Future (40') paper
  M. Bonesini/Milano, Large area scintillators for a neutrino detector
  J. Andrew Green/Indiana, MiniBooNE - The Mini Booster Neutrino Experiment 
     at Fermilab paper
  G. Sirri/Bologna, Automatic scanning of emulsion films paper
  P.G. Pelfer/Firenze, Solar neutrino detection using InP 
  F. Terranova/LNF, Ballistic techniques for magnetic field calibration of 
     large iron detectors operating in underground areas paper
  A. Tonazzo/Milano, The laser calibration system of the Harp tof paper
  G. Prior/Geneve, The HARP Time Projection Chamber paper

14:30-16:30 New detectors and detector development
            Chairperson: Olav Ullaland/CERN

  M. Abbrescia/Bari, Resistive Plate Chambers as thermal neutron detectors 
  J.-L. Faure/Saclay, Progress with photodectors (30') 
  F. Fraga/Coimbra, Imaging chambers in medicine, biology and astrophysics
  N. Belcari/Pisa, Novel high resolution detector for PET
  R. Pani/Roma, Flat Panel PMT: advances in position sensitive photodetection 

17:00-18:50 Medical Physics/Software
            Chairperson: Mario Calvetti/Florence

  I. Papadopoulos/CERN, New developments in software (30')
  M. G. Pia/Genova, The Geant4 Toolkit: simulatiion capabilities and 
     application results (30')
  G. Santin/ESA/ESTEC,New Geant4 based simulation tools for space radiation 
     shielding and effects analysis (15') paper  
  G. Santin/ESA/ESTEC, GATE (Geant4 Application for Tomographic Emission):
     a PET/SPECT general-purpose simulation platform (15') paper  
  E. Lamanna/Cosenza, A powerful simulation tool for Medical Physics 
     applications: Geant4 paper 

Tuesday 22 October

 9:00-10:30 High Energy Physics
            Chairperson: Christine Kourkoumelis/Athens

  C. Da Via`/Brunel, Silicon detectors at very high radiation level
  T. Flick/Wuppertal, Multi Chip Module Integration Technology  paper
  R. Wallny/CERN, Test-beams results and radiation damage on the ATLAS SCT
     electronics and detectors
  O. Ullaland/CERN, Progress with particle identification (30') paper

11:00-13:00 Calorimetry 
            Chairperson: Christian Spiering/Zeuthen 

  M. Diemoz/Roma, The CMS electromagnetic calorimeter (30')
  R. Paramatti/Roma, Calibration of the CMS em calorimeter (15')
  J.Y. Hostachy/Grenoble, Construction and test results of the ATLAS EM barrel 
     calorimeter and presampler paper 
  M. Fanti/Milano, Optimisation of the performances of the ATLAS EM calorimeter
     (15') paper  
  L. Labarga/Madrid, Construction and test results of the ATLAS EM endcap 
     calorimeter paper
  M. Gallinaro/Rockefeller, The CDF Miniplug Calorimeters

14:30-16:40 Medical Physics
            Chairperson: Marcella Diemoz/Rome

  M. Alemi/Milano, SUCIMA: a Silicon Ultra Fast Camera for Electron and 
     Gamma Sources in Medical Applicationspaper  
  V. Bettinardi/San Raffaele, Integrated CT/PET systems paper
  M. Caccia/Como, Novel semiconductor detectors: advances in High Energy 
     Physics and Biomedical applications (30')
  R. Cirio/Torino, The Magic Cube and the Pixel Ionisation Chamber: detectors
     for monitoring and dosimetry of radiotherapy beams paper.doc
  F. De Notaristefani/Roma, Possible applications of hybrid detectors in 
  S. Chauvie/IRCC, Dose calculation algorithm on a distributed system 

17:10-19:00 Silicon devices and other detectors
            Chairperson: Guido Vegni/Milan

  L. Strueder/Munich, New Silicon devices (30')
  A. Montanari/Bologna, Application of nanotechnologies in high energy physics
  E. Tuominen/Helsinki, Recent progress in low temperature Silicon detectors 
     (15') paper.doc paper 
  E. Tuominen/Helsinki, Test beam results of a large area strip detector made 
     on high resistivity Czochralski silicon (15') paper.doc,  paper 
  G.A.P. Cirrone/LNS, Natural and CVD type diamond detectors as dosimeters in
     hadrotherapy applications (15') paper  
  G. Villani/Rutherford, Analysis and Simulation of Charge Collection in 
     Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) (15') paper.doc

Wednesday 23 October

 9:00-10:30 High Energy Physics
            Chairperson: Lothar Strueder/Munich

  A. Borysenko/LNF, The HERMES recoil spectrometer paper
  P. Antonioli/Bologna, MRPC for the ALICE-tof system  paper 
  L. Demaria/Torino, The CMS silicon tracker (30') paper  
  F. Cavallo/Bologna, Performance of the Drift Tube muon chambers for the CMS
     experiment at the LHC paper 

11:00-13:00 Astrophysics and cosmic rays
            Chairperson: Alessandra Tonazzo/Milan

  A. Petrolini/Genova, Observation from space of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays 
     with the EUSO experiment paper
  V. Togo/Bologna, Calibration of the CR39 and Makrofol nuclear track 
     detectors and searches for exotic particles
  F. Longo/Trieste, AGILE and gamma astrophysics (30') 
  S. Argiro`/Torino, The Auger experiment and its Fluorescence Detector
  G. Ambrosi/Perugia, AMS a particle detector in space: results from the 
     precursor flight and status of AMS-02 (30') paper 

14:30-16:30 High Energy Physics
            Chairperson: John Parsons/Columbia

  J. Mnich/Aachen, A detector for the LC (30')
  N. Ghodbane/DESY, Development of the TESLA TPC (15') paper
  N. Ghodbane/DESY, Radiation hardness to EM radiation of diamond detectors 
     (15') paper
  M. Capeans/CERN, ATLAS straw tube TRD
  D. Pinci/Roma, Triple-GEM detector operation for high rate particle
     triggering paper 
  M. Montecchi/ENEA-Casaccia, Quality control facilities for large optical 
     reflectors at ENEA-Casaccia for physics application  paper
17:00-19:00 Electronics, triggering and DAQ
            Chairperson: Francesca R. Cavallo/Bologna

   J. Becker/Zurich, The CIP2k first level trigger system at the H1 experiment 
      at HERA paper 
   K.K. Gan/Ohio State, Radiation-hard ASICs for optical data transmission in 
      the ATLAS pixel detector paper
   G. Lehmann/CERN, The ATLAS trigger and data acquisition system paper
   J. Parsons/Columbia, Readout of the ATLAS LAr calorimeter 
   G. Grieco/CAEN, Radiation and magnetic field tolerant power supplies 
   P. Musico/Genova, Digital front end electronic design for the EUSO photon 
      detector paper

Thursday 24 October

 9:00-10:50 Astrophysics
            Chairperson: Jean-Luis Faure/Saclay

   G. Osteria/Napoli, The tof system of the Pamela experiment 
   A. Owens/ESA, Detectors for X-ray astronomy (30') 
   R. Pegna/Siena, The HPD: new UV detector for IACT (Imaging Air Cerenkov 
   D. Casadei/Bologna, Design and test results of the AMS RICH detector paper
   D. Ferenc/UC Davis, New camera concept for space applications

11:20-13:00 Astrophysics/Software
            Chairperson: Alan Owens/ESA

  L. Bonechi/Firenze, A powerful tracking detector for cosmic rays: the
     magnetic spectrometer of the PAMELA satellite experiment
  S. Maltezos/Athens, Multilayer filters for extending the duty cycle of
     optical telescopes in the highest energy cosmic ray experiments
  A.S. Howard/Imperial College, Simulation and analysis for astroparticle
  L. Moneta/CERN, New Developments in Data Analysis Tools, the Anaphe Project
  J. Moscicki/CERN, Parallel Geant 4 Simulation in Medical and Space Science 
     Applications paper

14:30-16:30 Detectors/High Energy Physics
            Chairperson: Michele Gallinaro/Rockefeller

  M. Richter/PTB Berlin, Photon metrology of strongly pulsed VUV radiation
  D. Pacella/John Hopkins, Time-resolved plasma diagnostics with gas 
     micro-pattern detectors
  S. Palestini/CERN, The muon spectrometer of the ATLAS experiment (30') paper
  E. Torassa/Padova, Review of the CMS muon detector system paper
  J. Fast/FNAL, DZero Silicon Detector for RunIIb at the Tevatron paper

16:50-18:30 Detectors/High Energy Physics
            Chairperson: Carlo Bosio/Rome

  P. Maestro/Siena, Low-energy beam test results of a calorimeter prototype 
     for the CREAM  experiment paper
  E. Gschwendtner/CERN, Polycrystalline CdTe Detectors: A Luminosity Monitor 
     for LHC
  B. Ketzer/CERN, Fast tracker for COMPASS based on the Gas Electron Multiplier
  G. Passaleva/Firenze, New results from an extensive aging test on bakelite 
  M. Pedretti/Milano, Bolometric detectors


  M. Deptuch and T.Z. Kowalski/Cracow, Gas gain in the straw tubes [POSTER]
  M. Deptuch, T.Z. Kowalski and B. Mindur/Cracow, Performance of straw 
     proportional tubes under high gas gain, transition to self-quenching mode
     and corona discharge [POSTER] paper
  I. Emeliantchik/Minsk, Aluminium Oxide Microchannel Plates [POSTER]  paper
  M. Manghisoni, L. Ratti and G. Traversi/Bergamo, Radiation effects on noise 
     parameters of a 0.18 micron CMOS technology for detector front-end 
     application [POSTER] paper