Bologna, 18 March 2003, at the Bologna Academy of Sciences

Aula Ulisse - Accademia delle Scienze dell’Istituto di Bologna

via Zamboni 31- 40126 Bologna








General Information and Purpose


A one-day meeting on “30 years of bubble chamber physics” will be held at the Bologna Academy of Sciences, via Zamboni 31, 40126 Bologna, Italy, on Tuesday March 18, 2003 (the week after the Neutrino Meeting in Venezia).


The aim of the meeting is to recall the activity of the bubble chamber technique, the landmark physics discoveries, the evolution of the international collaborations and to honor some of its founding fathers. We hope to cover both the technological evolution and the physics aspects, and to briefly discuss its legacy.

The bubble chamber, invented by D.A. Glaser in 1952 gave its major contributions to particle physics from the late 1950’s till the 1980’s, using chambers of increasing size. The beginning of the bubble chamber era was pioneered by US groups. Later, major contributions came from European groups, and CERN played a central role. In Italy the bubble chamber technique gave the occasion to revitalize the field of particle physics, involving a large number of physicists from many Italian Universities, coordinated by INFN, which also created a central organization (CNAF).


The meeting is sponsored by the Bologna Accademy of Sciences, the University and the Department of Physics of Bologna, and the INFN (CNAF and Sezione di Bologna).



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Advisory Committee

M. Baldo Ceolin (Padova), M. Basile (INFN-Bologna), M.M. Block (Northwestern), E. Fiorini (Milano), I. Galligani (Bologna) G. Giacomelli (Bologna), G. Kalmus (Rutherford), I. Mannelli (Pisa), M. Masetti (CNAF), A. Michelini (CERN), L. Mosca (Saclay), G. Puglierin (INFN), S. Ratti (Pavia), A. M. Rossi (Bologna), J. Steinberger (CERN), E. Valente (Roma 1), D. Vignaud (College de France).


Organizing Committee

Silvio Bergia, Valeria Borelli, Paolo Capiluppi, Anastasia Casoni, Fabrizio Fabbri, Attilio Forino, Giorgio Giacomelli (co-Chair), Pietro Matteuzzi, Gianni Mandrioli, Maurizio Spurio, Federico Ruggieri (co-Chair).


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Program of the Meeting (Preliminary)

9.30                 Welcomes

G. Giacomelli and G. Puppi: Introduction

            M. Baldo Ceolin: The beginning, the first instruments and the first results

            G. G. Harigel: Bubble chambers: technology and impact on high energy physics

I. Mannelli: Parity violation in L° decay


11.20-11.40    Coffee break


M. M. Block: The helium bubble chamber

E. Fiorini: The heavy liquid bubble chambers. The weak neutral current

F. Ruggieri: The role of INFN and CNAF


13.00-14.00    Lunch


14.00               G. Kalmus: Baryon resonances. Neutrino beams

S. Ratti: Multihadronic production

P. Waloschek: Particle Physics and Society. Popularization of Science

Round table. The legacy of 30 years of bubble chamber physics


17.00               End of the meeting





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E-mail, Telephone and Facilities

Conference venue:    Aula Ulisse

                                   Accademia delle Scienze dell’Istituto Di Bologna

                                   via Zamboni 31- 40126 Bologna


Secretariat:                Dipartimento di Fisica

                                   viale C. Berti Pichat 6/2 - 40127 Bologna

phone:                        +39 051 2095233


Anastasia Casoni (phone +39 051 209 5245-5233)

e-mail:                    casoni@bo.infn.it

fax:                      +39 051 2095269


Giorgio Giacomelli       (phone +39 051 209 5233)

Federico Ruggieri         (phone +39 051 609 2761)

Fabrizio Fabbri            (phone +39 051 609 5242)

Maurizio Spurio           (phone +39 051 209 5248)


There will be the possibility to use an overhead projector for transparency, and a PC connected projector.