The Institute has an Emergency Plan in place to deal with fires, provide first aid to injured people and coordinate the clearing of buildings.

  1. Who execute emergency procedures (alarm, keeping or putting out fire principle, buildings evacuation etc.) are the employees of the Emergency Team.
  2. During emergencies, team members wear a red-orange jacket.
  3. There is a single type of acoustic warning (siren) that indicates the duty to clear the building:
    upon activation of the siren, join the contact person and follow the instructions of the team members;
  4. In case there is no member of the emergency team, keep calm and exit the building using escape path without running;
  5. To reach the ground floor and the external doors never use the elevators;
  6. once outside, look for the contact person or emercency team members and confirm them you are no longer inside;
  7. wait the possible return allowance from the team.                                                                    

If you notice an emergency (e.g. a fire, an injured person, or if you fill bad):

  • alert our nearby staff or doorkeeper
    Berti Pichat concierge: phone number 95162;
    Irnerio concierge: phone number 91004;
  • if using an external phone, type 05120 before the numbers above
    if this is not possible, turn on the siren by pressing the alarm buttons: the team will quickly join you at the activation point;
  • in case you need to call an external help using internal phones it’s enough to dial the national emergency numbers, without any prefixes (Carabineers: 112; Fire Keepers: 115; First Aid: 118)..

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