External funds

The Bologna Section has dedicated staff who carry out consultancy and support activities for researchers, assisting all the activities related to the procurement, management and reporting of research funding from external sources.

Some of the activities we deal with are:

  • the identification and dissemination of research funding opportunities;
  • the promotion of training courses for the projects’s design and management;
  • the support in the preparation of the project proposal, from the concept to the completion of the administrative procedures for submission;
  • the support in fulfilments following the positive evaluation of the proposal (i.e. preparation of the Grant Agreement, preparation of the Consortium Agreement, assignment in the financial statements, …);
  • the support in the management and reporting of funded projects.

The activities are carried out in close collaboration with the National External Funds Division.

What to do if you want to submit a proposal? Or if you have won a tender?

  • Promptly notify the Director and local contacts (below) of participation in any call, both if the Bologna Section is the leader, and if it is not.
  • Timely send the financial budget of the project under review.
  • Immediately inform the External Funds Management office in the event of winning a project.

Local contacts

For support in identifying opportunities and planning:
Alessia D’Orazio
Head of the EU / International National Design Service

Phone number +39 051 2095269‬   alessia.dorazio@bo.infn.it

For the management and reporting phases:
External Fund Management Office
Martina Allegro Phone number +39 051 20952691 martina.allegro@bo.infn.it
Giulia Grandi Phone number +39 051 2095207 giulia.grandi@bo.infn.it
Sara Haghshenas Phone number +39 051 2095210 sara.haghshenas@bo.infn.it


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