Particle Physics with accelerators

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Particle Physics, a.k.a High Energy Physics, is the branch of Physics that studies the fundamental constituents of matter and the interactions among them. The INFN Commissione Scientifica Nazionale 1 (CSN1) deals with all those experiments in Particle Physics which are carried out with particle accelerators. Using accellerators to create the primary collisions allows studying with well known initial and boundary conditions the processes that in Nature only occur in particular cases, like collisions of cosmic particles with ordinar matter, stars and galaxies formation, or even the primordial Big Bang. 

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In Bologna, the collaborations related to CSN1 operate within experiments that are currently taking data, or are being planned and developed, at CERN. All big experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are represented in the Sezione di Bologna of INFN: ATLAS, CMS, LHCb. Still at the LHC is installed the MOEDAL experiment. Other activities pursued here are the design, planning and R&D for the SHIP and MUONE experiments. Further, people from this section is also involved in the R&D activities meant to the design of experiments at the future circular colliders and for a possible muon collider.

CNS1 article

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