Mechanical Design



The Mechanical Design service collaborates with the experiments providing conceptual, general and executive design in developing the mechanical parts of our special experimental apparatuses.

It elaborates mechanical feasibility studies of particular detectors, their components and equipment useful for innovative device, by means CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEM (Finite Element Model) project analysis techniques for the adjustment and their optimization in the structural, thermal, fluid sectors and it subsequently produces the technical drawings necessary for the construction of the experiment.

In cooperation with the Mechanical Workshop service, it oversees the design of prototypes, follow and collaborates with the external industries in manufacturing large components and parts of detectors and experimental devices.

Head of the Mechanical Design Service

Marco Guerzoni
: +39 051 20 95264
Site: Berti Pichat

Fax Mechanical Design service  Tel: + 39 051 20 95288

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