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OLIFIS ER-Marche summer school – 2021 edition

The 2021 edition of the Preparation Summer School  for the Physics Olympiad, addressed to 17-18  year-old students from the secondary schools in Emilia Romagna and Marche regions, will take place in Forlì at the Salesian Orselli Institute from August 30 to September 4.

Among the over 70 application forms, 32  students were selected on the basis of their school curriculum. The activities will include lectures and group activities on topics from previous editions of the Italian and International Physics Olympiad, with the support of about fifteen secondary school teachers.
The lessons will also be integrated with an afternoon visit to the former Caproni Galleries in Predappio for the presentation of the CICLoPE project and a visit to the Technopole of the University of Bologna at the Forlì Campus, for the presentation of the space missions in which Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering participates.

As part of the Summer School, two evening lectures-shows, with free admission (and reservation), will be offered to contribute to the dissemination of scientific culture in the area around Forlì.
The first appointment is “Space Toilets” by Paolo Attivissimo on Wednesday 1 September at 9.15 pm at the Teaching Hub in Forlì campus. Space exploration is certainly a fascinating adventure, but the zero-gravity experience requires to face few basic needs, such as going to the toilet, often with disastrous and very comical results.
The second evening conference will take us back to earth planet and its problems, with a very topical focus: global climate change. “GLOBAL PROBLEM” is the title of Federico Benuzzi’s show which will take place at the San Luigi movie palace in Forlì on Friday 3 September at 9.15 pm.

Since 2009, the Bologna division of the INFN has been promoting this summer school and contributing to its realization.