Photograph of the three scientific coordinators

Paolo Giacomelli Scientific Coordinator of the AIDAinnova Project

The Governing of AIDAinnova, the largest European project on R&D for particle physics, financed within the Horizon-2020 programme with 10 million euros for a duration of 4 years, has unanimously endorsed the nomination of Paolo Giacomelli of INFN Bologna, as the next Scientific Coordinator of the project from the 1st of April 2022 until the end of the project on 30th March 2025.


Locandina per Concorso immagine ICHEP 2022

2022 International ICHEP Conferenze comes to Italy and seek its images

ICHEP, the International Conference on High Energy Physics, is coming to Italy for the first time from 6-13 July 2022. It will gather in Bologna theoretical and experimental physicists from around the world who are engaged in the field of
particle physics. On the occasion of this big event, the conference organising committee has launched, in collaboration with AIAP, the Italian Association for Visual Communication, a competition for designing a brand or logotype and poster that define the visual identity of the 2022 edition of the prestigious conference, with a prize of €3,000.
The competition is aimed at students in design, graphic design, and communication design courses as well as graphic designers and designers – both individually or organised in groups – who will have up to 15 December to send in their work. The brand or logotype will need to constitute the distinctive, identifying element of the event, synthesising, in a single image, both regional aspects, linked to the peculiarities of the host city, and scientific ones, i.e. those pertaining to the conference theme. The poster will, on the other hand, be the essential tool for presenting the event: it will need to be visually coherent with the brand or logotype and will need to contain text and institutional logos. The organisation of the 41st edition of the conference, was entrusted to the INFN divisions of Bologna and Ferrara.


Event poster with N_TOF image experiment

Event for the 20th anniversary of n_TOF

The n_TOF facility at CERN, a project conceived by Carlo Rubbia in the late ’90s, started operations in 2001. In the occasion of its 20th anniversary, an event to mark the achievements and the future plans of the nuclear physics community working with neutrons worldwide, is organized by the n_TOF Collaboration at CERN. The event is an workshop NSTAPP – Neutrons is Science, Technology and Application, to be held at the Main Auditorium at CERN on 22th of November 2021.

NSTAPP will provide the opportunity to review the state of the art of neutron-induced reaction studies and their applications in science and technology. More in detail, after an overview of neutron facilities in the world, advancements in nuclear technology (energy production, nuclear waste transmutation and safety), formation of elements (Big Bang and stellar nucleo synthesis) as well as treatment of cancer with neutrons will be presented.

More details, including the program of the workshop, are available online at the webpage. It is possible to register and follow the event online.

We are glad to remind that the Bologna division of INFN is part of the international collaboration working at n_TOF since the beginning of the project.

More information on n_TOF:

Contacts: Cristian Massimi , Alberto Mengoni

Poster European Researchers's Night 2021

Waiting for the European Researchers’s Night 2021

A rich agenda of appointments will lead to the European Researchers’ Night 2021, which will take place on 24 September 2021.
Here (link) you can find the agenda of all the appointments that will directly involve the Physics and Astronomy Department of Bologna and the INFN Bologna Section and CNAF. The complete program of all the activities of “Waiting for … the European Researchers’s Night” and information about the Night can be found on the website:

Hands of two boys in front of a computer screen

OLIFIS ER-Marche summer school – 2021 edition

The 2021 edition of the Preparation Summer School  for the Physics Olympiad, addressed to 17-18  year-old students from the secondary schools in Emilia Romagna and Marche regions, will take place in Forlì at the Salesian Orselli Institute from August 30 to September 4.

Among the over 70 application forms, 32  students were selected on the basis of their school curriculum. The activities will include lectures and group activities on topics from previous editions of the Italian and International Physics Olympiad, with the support of about fifteen secondary school teachers.
The lessons will also be integrated with an afternoon visit to the former Caproni Galleries in Predappio for the presentation of the CICLoPE project and a visit to the Technopole of the University of Bologna at the Forlì Campus, for the presentation of the space missions in which Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering participates.

As part of the Summer School, two evening lectures-shows, with free admission (and reservation), will be offered to contribute to the dissemination of scientific culture in the area around Forlì.
The first appointment is “Space Toilets” by Paolo Attivissimo on Wednesday 1 September at 9.15 pm at the Teaching Hub in Forlì campus. Space exploration is certainly a fascinating adventure, but the zero-gravity experience requires to face few basic needs, such as going to the toilet, often with disastrous and very comical results.
The second evening conference will take us back to earth planet and its problems, with a very topical focus: global climate change. “GLOBAL PROBLEM” is the title of Federico Benuzzi’s show which will take place at the San Luigi movie palace in Forlì on Friday 3 September at 9.15 pm.

Since 2009, the Bologna division of the INFN has been promoting this summer school and contributing to its realization.

Photo Dr. Pietro Antonioli elected National Manager of EIC_NET

Pietro Antonioli has been elected National Coordinator of EIC_NET for a three year period, effective since November 1st

Pietro Antonioli has been elected National Coordinator of EIC_NET for a three year period, effective since November 1st.
EIC_NET is an initiative of CNS3, aimed to define INFN engagement in an international Collaboration of an experiment at the Electron-Ion collider at Brookhaven (USA), an accelerator approved by DoE in January 2020.
Congratulations to Pietro from the whole Section and “good luck” for the success of EIC_NET through next years challenges.

Picture on the presentation of Francesca Ercolessi awarded at the SQM conference with the "Andre Mischke Young Scientist Award"

Francesca Ercolessi’s talk awarded at SQM2021 with the “Andre Mischke Young Scientist Award”

INFN and Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia of University of Bologna stood out in the 19th edition of Strangeness in Quark Matter International Conference, which took place from 17 to 22 May 2021 (online)!
The topics which were discussed focus on new experimental and theoretical developments on the production of strange and heavy-flavour quarks in high energy heavy-ion collisions and in astrophysical phenomena, topics which are studied by the ALICE experiment at the LHC, in which INFN participates. The state of the art on these research topics was presented in 41 plenary session talks and 96 parallel session presentations.

This year experimental overview was presented by Francesca Bellini, who recently joined our Department.
Among the youngest speakers in the parallel sessions, Francesca Ercolessi, PhD student of the University of Bologna, was awarded with the “Andre Mischke Young Scientist Award”, for the best experimental presentation of a young scientist. In her talk [1], Francesca presented recent results which help better understand the origin of the increase in the production of particles containing “strange” quarks, observed in proton-proton collisions at the LHC, with the number of charged particles produced in the event, a result to which the Bologna group contributed in 2017 with a publication on Nature Physics [2].

[1] F. Ercolessi “Investigating the origin of strangeness enhancement in small systems through multi-differential analyses with ALICE” SQM2021 International Conference, 18 May 2021.

[2] ALICE Collaboration, Nature Physics 13, 535–539 (2017).

Event poster celebrating 10 years of operation of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer cosmic ray detector

10 years of AMS-02 on the International Space Station

On the 24th of May at 18:00 we will celebrate 10 years of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02) on the International Space Station. We will have an open celebration on our AMS social pages (Facebook, Youtube).
Fifteen scientists of the AMS collaboration, from different Universities, the Italian Space Agency, and INFN, will discuss the history of the project, its detection principle, and its main results and answering to questions from the public. The event will be enriched by an open quiz on the Quizizz platform. The event will be held in the Italian language.

Photo of the AMS-02 apparatus in space

New data test the difference between the propagation of light and heavy cosmic-ray in the galaxy

The new AMS-02 precision measurement of the cosmic-ray Fluorine flux shows a possible difference in the propagation of light and heavy cosmic-ray species.
The article published on PRL and selected as Editor’s Suggestion, is available in open-access at the address:
The AMS Bologna group, involved in the measurement of cosmic ray nuclei, contributed directly to this publication with a cross-check analysis.