Trainings subscriptions (locals, multilocations or national) is allowed after receiving the message of subscriptions opening from local contacts.

Only INFN employees can attend INFN trainings (check INFN policies for other cases).

The subscription in the database does not guarantee training attendance, please always wait the communication from the local contacts with the director attendance autorization.

Employees can attend to trainings proposed by other sections, after discussing with the local contact, only if approved in the training plan and limited to available number of seats.

Once received the autorization communications, the mission on the training quote can be open.

  1. Training proposal need to be issued within September the 30th. Local contact will send and email to all employees communicating the database opening date. (Sometimes during the year are defined new dates to allow sending new training proposal.)
  2. Specify that National Institution of Nuclear Phisic (I.N.F.N.) is subject to VAT exclusion for employees training invoicing, due to article 14, section 10, law 537/93 and articole 10 of DPR 633/72″.
  3. Trainings organization cost and external training cost need to be booked on U1030204999 account; mission costs on U1030202001 account.