The general job safety training for all collaborators is carried out thanks to an internal first training course given at the beginning of the collaboration and whose program is as follows:

The First Training Course on Health and Safety in the Workplace, whose attendance is certified, lasts eight hours and deals with the following topics:

  1. outline of history and “setting” of the laws on Work Safety; identification of the various subjects and their responsibilities;
  2. organization of the SPP: figures, documents, health surveillance, external control bodies;
  3. concepts of danger and risk;
  4. hazards identified in our facilities;
  5. general warnings and signs;
  6. use of video terminals: outline of physiology, disorders and remedies;
  7. electrical hazards: outline of physiology, types of hazards and their protections, particular electrical hazard situations of our structures;
  8. dangerous substances: classification, identification and notes on general procedures for use in our facilities;
  9. notes on the danger of noise;
  10. notes on protections during pregnancy;
  11. emergency: organization of the emergency team and behavior to be followed in the most likely emergencies;
  12. The course includes a final written test.

For personnel who for work reasons are classified in category B for radiation protection purposes, an internal training course on radiation protection is provided.

In collaboration with the SPP of the University of Bologna, evacuation exercises are carried out on alarm at both branches of the Section on a regular basis.